The ‘Thing’ About Jewellery?

Jewellery- noun: objects that are worn for personal adornment.

The sparkly stuff that you accessorise with, the ‘luxe’ item that provides the glam that some other accessories can’t fulfil.

With diamonds forever being known as a girl’s best friend, Tiffany’s famed for being the happy place for women, and certain iconic female figures that consistently wear one statement piece that sums them right up. It is the ultimate item that can seemingly  complete an ensemble, give resolution and satisfaction to the wearer, either in real life or on the big screen.

Phew. Our affair with jewellery has been long-standing and persistent, it seems to have a huge responsibilities to live up to.

Like clothing, jewellery has seen many variations and evolution throughout the decades. The delicate pearls and diamonds (or cubic zirconia versions) of the 50’s and 60’s, the homemade leather and shell pieces of the 70’s, the big, bold and plastic neon that dominated the 80’s, and the black chokers and giant gold’s of the 90’s.

Recently, however, a trend that has made a definite comeback is ‘the bigger the better’. It can be gold, silver, rose gold, but if your necklace/bracelet/ring/earrings are not as big as- or at least rival- the size of your palm, then it’s just not worth wearing.

Try to ignore any Pat Butcher earring imagery going on in your head or the OTT medallions worn by rappers. For this trend to work it must be done right, and to be done right it must be done in moderation.

Naff? Maybe. Too much? Most definitely. Love it or hate it, jewellery just got big again and it’s here to stay for a while. If you’re not convinced yet here are some pieces to get you started.

Gold Tone Chunky Bracelet £8.00 River Island

Diamond Box Drop earrings £10.00 Miss Selfridge

Piano Collar necklace £15.00 Topshop

Paradise Cluster ring £10.00 Accessorize

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