The Material Girls Guide to Fabulous Las Vegas (Part II)

Is there anywhere more fabulous than Vegas baby?! This is part two of my Vegas guide, check out Part one here.


Fabulous places to shop

Shopping in Vegas is an absolute dream. So many things to buy! From the ‘I love Vegas’ tat, to the most expensive designers in the world. There is something for everyone. Miracle Mile is where it’s at! Situated in Planet Hollywood, it’s what the name states. A whole mile of what dreams are made of. Shops, stalls, bars and restaurants. You will find your slightly upmarket, yet affordable shops here, so a good place to start.

After winning all the cash on the slot machines, it is time to head to the Bellagio for some real posh shiz. I spent way too much money in Tiffany and Co at the Bellagio.

Oh, and Tiffany and Co at Caesars’, there is another fabulous shopping mall over by the Trevi Fountain. You’ll never see a Roman without a Gucci bag.

The beauty for us Brits about shopping in the US is that everything is super dooper cheap, so it’s okay spending ridiculous amounts of money in Abercrombie on clothes or buying jewellery and handbags, because technically you’re saving money, right?!

Just up past the Luxor, you hit an outlet shopping mall. You must go here if you want to grab a real bargain before you leave. Only girls will appreciate this, but I bought a genuine DKNY handbag from the outlet for €30 instead of €200. I nearly stood there and wee’d in the shop with excitement. Vegas is a destination where you need lots of shopping money, that’s for sure.


Fabulous hotels to stay

All hotels in Cosmopolitan Las Vegas are pretty unique, featuring different theme in each. They’re stunning; so much thought has gone in to every detail. And the staff are brilliant wherever you go. In Vegas everyone is made me feel like a celebrity. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you stay or where you come from.

Get your shades out ready for the black chrome shine of the Cosmo, and make sure you watch out for the lions in MGM. Feel like a rock star at Planet Hollywood and walk like an Egyptian at the Luxor. Whether you fancy a trip to Rome, Venice, Paris, Monte Carlo or New York, you can see it all on one strip.

I was lucky enough to stay at the Bellagio, its style and elegance won me over. It is a beautiful hotel that I would recommend to all. (Yes, I am aware I have expensive taste, but I can assure you it is worth it).


Fabulous Casinos to play

You will not want to go to sleep when in Vegas. It is a 24 hour destination with so many sparkly, shiny, flashing things to look at! I never thought I was a gambler, but there is something in the air. It is so addictive! And it is actually pretty easy to win money, which makes it even more exciting! Free drinks while gambling (just make sure you tip!) and with Oxygen being pumped into the Casinos it is super easy to lose track of time and get totally hooked. The Bellagio has a very grand casino, with lovely croupiers that help you learn the tricks of the trade (they will still beat you) and the most addictive slot machine in the world, the Monopoly slots. I spent many hours with that little silver doggy and he won me quite a bit of money, bless him. I still get withdrawal symptoms from that casino. Sad, but true.

One of the taxi drivers recommended a trip to the Cosmopolitan, as it is new and had more money to give out as prizes, so more likely to win. We didn’t win, but it was a very beautiful, modern casino.

The Palms gave us a winning streak and the tables in that casino were particularly good. But then again, it’s impossible to compare as every casino in Vegas is in a league of its own.

So I am just going to say… hotel hop, win lots of money, buy lots of jewellery, and have a bath in dollar bills. That’s how we roll in Vegas baby.

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