“I have been deleted off my “friends” Facebook” – A Victim’s Story

Friends grow out of each other. You could be the bestest friends at school, but when you head down different paths in life, your friendship could be strained. You try your best but sometimes it just isn’t enough. But when you see each other, you are all smiles and make small chitchat and then carry on with your life.

Throughout our lives we make all sorts of friends. School friends, College friends, University friends, Family friends, Dance friends and so on and so forth. They also then fall into catergories such as Best friends, Good friends, Ok friends, Class friends, say hi friends.

You go around in a happy bubble. You don’t have to trust every single one of these people, but it is nice to have people who know your name, who will chat to you and see how you are.

But in this technological age, where social networking takes over each others lives, friend culling has started to happen. Sure, when I finished university, I decided on doing one of these. I deleted people who I met on a night out, thought they were “legendary” and added them, never to really talk to them again. I deleted people who were friends with my friends but I didn’t really know them. I deleted people who genuinely annoyed me too and make no impact on my life whatsoever. You know, it was well thought out.

When some people delete me, I usually understand. There is no point on keeping on certain people who you once met at a party and let them block up your newsfeed when you don’t really know them, and most probably, will never see them again.

Luckily, if I had been deleted, it has been people who fall into that category. But recently, I got deleted by someone who I use to consider a great friend. I did laugh because it was a long time coming, but I felt a little insulted. Does she not care what I am doing with my life?? Does she not like my photos of me having a good time at University? Well, she obviously didn’t.

You see, with Facebook and Twitter we are all oversharing details of our lives with people who we would only say hello to in the hallway of college or who we have partied with a few times. We are uploading photos and checking in so everyone knows what we are doing. But when I thought about when I look at my newsfeed, I get bored. I am only interested with certain peoples lives, and they are usually my family and close friends, but I did feel pretty offended. Then I realised I rely on technology a bit too much. Why do I need to share these things with people who probably don’t care? I need to actually live my life and need to stop having to let everyone know about it. If they want to know they will ask. I can say I don’t think I am the only one who does this or think this.

So really, thank you my good friend of the past, you have taught me a valuable lesson.

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