Slaves to technology

There was a time when people used to live without technology. If they wanted to talk to someone they had to do it in person or write a letter; No text messages or instant chat existed. Having a phone at home was the greatest form of technology one could use.

Then the Internet came and the world as we knew it changed. It has been one of the most important revolutions in communication: the web allows you to reach every corner of the world and has become the biggest source of information – no more trips to the library. As time went by, technology itself has evolved: nowadays it’s hard to imagine life without a computer or smartphone.

As with every big change, it didn’t come without controversy. Many claim texting and chat got in the way of talking face to face, they assume that all these devices have changed human relationships in a dangerous way. Though I disagree, I cannot say they are completely wrong. I can’t imagine my life without Internet and all the amazing chances it offers. If it wasn’t for the web, I probably wouldn’t be writing this article in the attempt to become the journalist I crave to be.

Nevertheless, I think this powerful instrument must be used with caution. Too often while I’m on the train or in a bar, I see people so busy with their smartphones that they wouldn’t notice if a building collapsed in front of them, or people going for a night out constantly taking pictures to post on some social network to show the world how much fun they claim to be having – the classic girls in the club toilets picture is seen way too much for my liking.

So the point is, we should be able to use technology as a tool to achieve our aims – like me, using the internet to push my career, without becoming slaves to technology.

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