Why Natural Hair Colour is for Bores

Katy Perry, Rihanna, Perrie Edwards, Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne are all celebs who have put their stamp on hair colour. They have all gone crazy with hair dye, and not just going blonde, or a new shade of brown, they’ve gone turquiose, lilac , bright red and even light pink. Only in Hollywood? Believe it or not, no, everyone is getting into this craze.

The hair dye trend has shot up, with brands such as Loreal Casting Colour and John Frieda branching out from their natural hair dye colours and creating a new range of wacky colours for the nation to try out. Usually the only place you’d find these colours would be as you exit Camden Market, but now you see it everywhere. Personally, I am a huge fan of dying your hair, as a young girl I experimented with different dark colours until I found my favourite, red hair dye. I kept this colour for about 2 and a half years and found myself with a whole new wardrobe. It was exciting and different, and besides, everyone loves a change.

Brown, blonde, highlighted hair, black hair, it’s all the same isn’t it? People are often afraid to conform, to try something new. However, they are ignorant to how much confidence it can bring. Having a bright, exciting colour gives a burst to your wardrobe, you find yourself buying things you would never buy.  Hair colours such as purple and red can look mysterious, elfin, romantic, young and alluring all at the same time. These  looks that are strong, bold, feminine and self-assured will guarantee heads turning.

If your a blonde bombshell, pastel colours will give a glowing lustre. These innocent , sleek and glossy shades are daring, but will give you a youthful edge.  Leather, studs and skulls go perfectly with colours such as baby pink, lilac and light blue. You can also easily go make up free because all eyes will be on your hair, it will make a statement, whatever shade you go for.

Original brunettes can go for a more eccletic trend, such as bright red, deep purple and electric blue. This is not difficult to pull off as many hair care companies have created glossy and ammonia free hair dyes ensured to make your hair look sophisticated and classy. Pick colours with warm undertones to   give off a more sexy feel.

The beauty of these hair dye shades is that you don’t have to cover your full head of hair in it, this is where dip dye comes in. Dip dye works for anyone, you can pretty much use any paint from the palette when going for this look. Whether its a light pink shade faded into blonde locks,or a deep red descending into black hair, dip dye is the newest hair colouring trend to have gripped the nation.

It’s important to research what colour would be best for you, read hair magazines or have a flick through celeb magazines to have an insight into what colours the A – listers are rocking. Don’t be afraid to switch it up and go for a change, be daring, be fun and don’t be a natural hair coloured bore.

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