A man’s guide to Valentine’s day

It’s that time of year again when the dreaded V-day is approaching. Men hate it, women adore it. Whether you think it’s commercialised rubbish or are excited to spoil your girl, make sure you don’t fall flat and treat your other half exactly how she deserves and she’ll thank you for it later.

1)      DO Cook a romantic meal – Saves you the cash and makes you look like the caring man that you’re supposed to be. Decorate the dining room with dozens of candles and buy a fancy new tablecloth, make sure pudding is something that can be shared and have plenty of champagne in the fridge.

2)      DO invest in a little gift – The only other female name she won’t mind you saying is Tiffany. Make sure you head there and buy her something small but expensive, think bracelets, rings or necklaces, preferably something with diamonds.

3)      DO something different – If you spent last year’s Valentine ’s Day at the cinema make sure this year you take a walk in the park or go bowling. If you can, do an activity neither of you have done before. Mixing it up will keep the relationship fresh and learning together means you’ll grow closer.

4)      DON’T give her a generic card – Spend a little extra for one which signifies your relationship. Websites such as Moonpig are great because it means you can personalise it so it’s tailored for your lady.

5)      DO get creative – If money is tight be original and make her a present. Think of what she loves and use that as a starting point. If she has a favourite band make her a CD of their best songs. Try gathering photos of you as a couple and make her a picture board or photo album.

6)      DON’T do man stuff – If your favourite team are playing or a new Xbox game has just been released and you’re dying to complete level 54, do not let this interfere with the day. This is about your better half and not how many goals your team needs to concede.

7)      DO write her an old fashioned love letter – It’s hard for a man to express his feelings especially if his girlfriend is eyeballing him over the dinner table. Tell her how you feel on paper, make sure she knows how loved and appreciated she is and make sure it’s not done by email or text, technology is not romantic!

8)      DON’T make her watch an action or horror film – cosying up on the sofa with a film is an excellent idea, making her watch blood and car chases is not. Chick-flicks are the way forward and as most guys won’t watch them any other time of the year it will keep her happy.

9)      DON’T let her know you hate Valentine’s day – surprises are not always good. If you tell her you don’t want to spend the day doing romantic things and have a whole bunch of loving surprises in store she won’t be happy if she’s turned up at your house in trackies, no make up and a hangover.

10)   DON’T – Expect anything in return. This might sound ridiculous after all the effort you’re going to make but think of all of the things she does for you every day. This is your chance to show her how much she means to you and to thank her for being her.

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