What Women Want This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and everywhere you look is red, cuddly and heart-shaped. You can’t turn a corner without having cards with bears cuddling on, or bunches of chocolate roses wrapped up in pink tin foil thrusting themselves into your face. But what is it that we all actually want?

Online beauty retailer Escentual conducted a poll of 550 women and the results were relatively unsurprising. Turns out us ladies hate tacky undies and carnations picked up from the petrol station on your way home, and we love a nice weekend away as well as designer perfume and makeup. So there you go lads, it’s that simple, right?

Of course it isn’t! We like to keep you on your toes.

Realistically, the only presents that I always want are a bottle of wine and a bar of Dairy Milk, but I’m quite a cheap date. If somebody presented me with a pair of Louboutins and a bottle of Chanel No5, there’s no way I’d be turning the poor fella away in favour of wine and chocolate, but it all seems an unnecessary expense to celebrate a random day where you’re forced to be super sexy and romantic.

And it looks like these lads aren’t getting a fair deal either. Escentual’s poll revealed the price expectation of around £40 for presents to your lovely lady, but the gals are only spending an average of £30 on their gents.

And it gets worst. Over a third of these women would refuse to speak to their other half for at least a week if they believed that the present that they were given was thoughtless or just a little bit rubbish.

Social media is taking a hit too as 73% of these women believe that sites like Facebook and Twitter have destroyed the romance of Valentine’s Day claiming that they’d be furious to receive a love note online. Though “@MyBbz luv u, happy vals day, u r my world #valentinesday” does lack the romance of a handwritten poem scripted out inside a giant teddy bear shaped card.

So might I place a few suggestions…

Really good presents are booze, chocolate, shoes, perfume, bags, nice flowers and holidays. Rubbish presents are see-through knickers, cheap perfume, petrol station flowers and rubbish jewellery. Of course there are specifications among all of those, eg a holiday in Bognor Regis will not suffice, but there’s a basic outline of what us ever-loving ladies want this Valentine’s.

Go forth and romance.

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