“And if you don’t feel good, what are you doing this for?”

Whilst listening to Robbie Williams Candy on the way to work, a catchy part of the song with the words, “what are you doing this for” was repeated at least a MILLION times, and it made me think.

Of late, I am seeing tweets and posts about people moaning about their job, wanting to get out of this country, their weight, their love life and so on and so forth; I know, I am one of them.

We get a job to help further our career and obviously to earn money. I am currently in a job which I quite enjoy, but it isn’t one I want to progress in, and so I am just here to save up money to fund my travels. As much as I sometimes do moan, I know that by this time next year, I will be in the sunny land of Oz. Some people who moan and moan and moan don’t seem to have any plans to actually get them out of that rut. If you don’t mind the job but you have been stuck in the same position for years, ask your boss for a promotion or training to help you progress. If you are actually sick of the company, then look for another job, one that you want to do. If you are just getting bored with the 9-5 routine, then join classes in the evening to break it up. We moan but a lot of the time we can help ourselves.

There are people out there who are moaning that they need to lose weight, but are reading this with a doughnut in their hand. No. I will only allow you to moan if you are actually doing something about it, even if the weight doesn’t fly off you, at least you know you are trying. But also what grinds my gears is when people are on a diet and they don’t need to, but they put themselves through a miserable time by eating only greens and exercising constantly. Love your body for what it is. Obviously stay fit and healthy and if you really want to lose some weight, by all means. But it shouldn’t be a chore.

What I am trying to say is, like the title says, if your diet is making you aggy and actually more hungry, then stop. If your job is doing your head in, then look for something else. Why go through life hating and getting bored of what you are doing, when a simple change can make you happy again? I understand with our current financial climate, it would not be easy to get another job, and the job you have at least pays; but it does not stop you from looking. We moan so much these days, but if you at least try and change the things you don’t feel happy doing, then you will feel happier knowing that you are trying and not just doing nothing about it.

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