REVIEW: Cheryl Cole, My Story

Another day, another celebrity book is released promising to ‘tell all’ about the ins and outs of their private lives, and ‘what really happened’ with that alleged affair.

Usually, I am not fussed when it comes to autobiographies, but there is no denying how much speculation went on during the whole Cheryl and Ashley saga, that I was interested to see whether she actually spoke of the marriage break-up. (Basically, being a journalist I am naturally inquisitive and I wanted to get to the bottom of it!)

The book was a surprise read for me, having finished it in just over a week. Although I have to admit I did feel slightly embarrassed reading a popstar’s life story in a sea of London commuters with their Metros and Evening Standards. However, I’m not ashamed to admit that it was a gripping read and I was genuinely excited to see what the next chapter would reveal.

The main selling point I guess is that prior to the book, Cheryl had never publicly spoken out about her husband’s infidelity, and finally we get to understand just what went on and the sheer chaos that took over the couple’s lives. I won’t give away anything, because if you’re interested you should read it! But I will say that I definitely sympathised with Cheryl and really started to question the morals and ethics of the UK press and just how far they will go to get a story.

It’s a bit of a tricky one for me because I’m a self-confessed celebrity fanatic. For whatever reason, I am fascinated by the world of A-Listers and yes- I do want to know all about their lives! Therefore I am the type of person who buys celeb magazines and devours the weekly stories that are, nine times out of ten, not true at all. I used to be of the opinion that if you want to be in the spotlight and the public eye, then you should expect people to have an interest in your life because at the end of the day, we are the people that will keep the money coming in for you! After reading Cheryl’s book though, I did question why we have such a need to know all about celebrities lives. They are, after all, just human beings and surely they are entitled to live a normal life?

Putting privacy issues aside, the book of course discusses a lot more than the press and Cheryl’s marriage. We get a real insight to her very northern and working class upbringing, and how she had to really fight to get out of what was becoming a very unhappy and drug induced place to be. You really appreciate the hard work she put into becoming a popstar and that it didn’t just happen overnight. We are taken on the journey of Girls Aloud and learn about the unique relationship the girls have with each other, and how the UK fell in love with Cheryl and now see her as the ‘Nation’s Sweetheart.’

I didn’t read this book because I’m Cheryl Cole’s biggest fan, nor did I think it would be the best book I would ever read. But I’m definitely glad I read it and it has encouraged me to read a few more, to discover the real person behind the headlines and form a different opinion of them. I highly recommend ‘My Story’ if you have some spare time and an interest in celebrities like me.

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