Crazy for Checks – Spring/Summer Fashion

Spring/Summer 2013 is the season of geometric print. Stripes and polka dots began to flood the fashion world while over at Louis Vuitton, the latest trend started to emerge. Inspired by Les Deux Plateaux, the art installation in Paris that features hundreds of chequered columns, the Louis Vuitton SS13 collection looked like it had come straight from the 60’s.

One of the first celebrities to be seen wearing checks from Louis Vuitton was Kristen Stewart. Favouring the monochrome look, she has been followed by Jessica Alba amongst others. But this trend isn’t just black and white. Models such as Arizona Muse paved the way in wearing the print in yellow while Kirsten Dunst and Kerry Washington chose the more understated look with grey and brown.

Despite its popularity, checks are only just hitting the high street. Topshop have introduced an entire outfit featuring the print and River Island is starting to release a few key pieces. If you want to follow Louis Vuitton, make sure to crop those tops and don’t forget the matching bag and shoes.

Remember: be bold and you’ll definitely be a winner.

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