FIDLAR: Your new favourite band?

If you like your music shouty, your beer cheap, and your drug references a-plenty, the newest punk four-piece from LA could be for you.

FIDLAR, their name taken from the skater mantra “F*ck it dog, Life’s a Risk” released their self-titled debut album this month, and are tipped to be one of the many hot new bands to fill your playlists up this year. The young band have serious potential to do great things: the lyrics aren’t meaningful and probably won’t resonate with you when you grow old, however the songs are so catchy you cannot fail to sing, dance and thrash along.

The album is full of lyrics that represent many young 20 years old today: doing things they probably shouldn’t, behaving irresponsibly, having fun and not worrying about tomorrow. Their songs are mostly musings over boozing, taking drugs and girls taken from the perspective of four young, skint guys living by the LA coast.

The album opens up with “Cheap Beer”, a song simply telling you that “I like cheap beer, so what, f*ck you.” It is a great song to start the album, it’s a fast-paced, loud, two minutes of greatness. It sets the tone perfectly for the rest of the album.

“Wake Bake Skate”, “Max Can’t Surf” and “Wait for the Man” are catchy, punchy standouts on the album, and “5 to 9” although short, at only just only a minute long, will have you up and have your head banging.

“Whore” is the weakest link on the album. It seems to be lazier than the rest of the album, even going as far as to say a little boring. And being a bit of a feminist I’m not a huge fan of listening to a song which consistently calls this “girl who betrayed me” “such a whore”. It is a shame as some of the band’s other material that didn’t make the album is brilliant. “AWWWKWAARRRDDD” featuring home-grown talent Kate Nash is one of my favourites: the line “I’m probably gonna f*ck this up and make it super awkward” I think everyone could relate to one point of their lives.

FIDLAR won’t change your life, but for today, they can make it more fun.

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