Apple’s next job: The iWatch

Look out all you Apple advocates as their next big idea could be added to their core of products by the end of this year. The next stage of technology is almost upon us.

Apple, who have been at the forefront of the technological revolution in the 21st century, have a history of delivering high quality and high performance products that have the capacity to excite and in some cases, change the world we live in. Their next step: The iWatch.

Apple is now looking to combine style and technology to bring around a new era of ‘wearable tech’. Recent developments in hi-tech curved glass, cheaper sensors and voice recognition software means the iWatch is a viable option and would be Apple’s first big innovation since the death of former founder, chairman and CEO, Steve Jobs.

Samsung and Google are also rumoured to be releasing their own versions of ‘smart watches’ and Apple will be looking to stay a step ahead of any competitors by remaining sleek and innovative in their approach.

There is wide speculation as to what role or purpose the iWatch will actually serve or where it will be seeded in Apples product range.

A problem that may affect a mass audience is the possibility that you will have to charge your iWatch on a regular basis. Also any 3G, 4G or cellular connection would significantly drain the battery life as well as providing you with yet another data plan. Yes, more bills!

With this is mind it is highly unlikely that the iWatch would act as a direct replacement for the iPhone. However, it is likely that it could connect to the iPhone in a number of clever ways.

The iWatch could operate IOS and allow the watch to vibrate and present any notifications, messages or emails you receive on your phone and send them to the iWatch via Bluetooth. It may have a microphone to talk to Siri and allow audio playback as well as the ability to change its appearance through a variety of interfaces. There is still speculation surrounding the product, but one thing is for certain, it will be able to tell the time!

A release in 2013 is becoming a distinct possibility. iWatch this space!

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