Fernand – A Mexican band with big aims

Armed with big ambition and drive, Mexican band ‘Fernand’ are the latest English speaking musicians attempting to make it big internationally.

Formed in 2010, Fernand have come a long way in a short time. Lead singer, Abraham Fernando is the man behind the music, writing and performing songs while Diego (drums), Carlos (Bass), and Andy (Guitar) make up the rest of the impressive band.

Fernand agreed to answer some questions for Yuppee Magazine on the aims and ambitions of this young dynamic Mexican group.


How long have Fernand been together as a group? How did you guys begin?

As a group Fernand has been together since mid 2010, I (Abraham Fernando) started recording songs in 2008. By 2010 my song writing and recording got a little bit more serious so I started looking for musicians who liked the music I was doing so that they could enjoy playing in the band and help me play live.


You guys are Mexican, but sing in English? Do you have plans to bring your music to an international fanbase in the future?

Yeah that’s the plan, we want to have exposure outside Mexico since the music is in English, and I think the band genre and concept would be well appreciated by some music fans internationally. But since we are completely independent right now we don’t have the support to make a tour happen. But soon I believe we’ll do it.


What is the best moment of your musical career so far? 

Opening for The Temper Trap earlier this year was insane, and a new independent festival that we got invited to play at this year “Festival Antes” was awesome. It is a new indie festival in Mexico City and they are down for the music for real.


Who are your musical influences? 

It is hard to have a numbered list of influences, we listen to a lot of music… all of us. But I’m going to name a bunch of bands we love… old and new. Autolux, Arcade Fire, Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffiti, Beach House, Air, The XX, The Beatles, Daft Punk, Arctic Monkeys, The Cure, Crystal Castles, New Order, David Bowie, The Drums, Iggy Pop, Joy Division, Interpol, Nirvana, Pulp, Radiohead, The Strokes, Twin Shadow, The Horrors, The Wake, Zola Jesus, etc etc etc etc.


Where would you like to see the band in 5 years time?

5 years is quite some time, I would love have released at least 3 albums and played in the UK and US. Lets hope for the best!


Currently working on their second album, Fernand are certainly on the right track to achieve their targets. A beautiful mix of sound and indie trend make Fernand a band to watch out for in the next couple years.

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