My Mad Fat Diary Review

The first series of My Mad Fat Diary has just finished on E4 and a second one has been commissioned; which is great news for every young female adult who had the pleasure of watching it. Loosely based on the book My Fat, Mad, Teenage Diary by Rae Earl, this on-screen adaption is hilarious, while being truly sensitive.

If you haven’t seen it yet (WHY NOT?!) then I shall tell you a bit about it. Set in 1996, in Lincolnshire, Rae has just been released from a psychiatric hospital. The six-part series is narrated by the 16 year old and follows her, her family and her group of friends. Rae discusses with the audience (her diary) about her body image problems, her trust issues and mainly about how much she wants to ‘sex up’ her friend Finn and other various men we meet throughout the series.

Some top lines come out of Rae’s mouth when referencing her various crushes consist of: “I’m going to sex him into a coma, and the only way he will get out is if I sex him some more.” As well as; “shag him till there was nothing left, just a pair of glasses and a damp patch.” and “expert moistener of lady gardens.” Lines that made even the most cringey person I know wince.

Asides from the hilarity presented, dig a little deeper and the story is quite dark, and painful. Every teenage girl would have experience body image issues at some point and this show makes those problems real, and brings something that unfortunately is still considered a taboo, to the forefront. Seeing an actual real-life representation of different body sizes is really quite refreshing.

Sharon Rooney; the woman who plays Rae is aged 24. Playing a 16 year old can’t exactly be easy but she nails it in every way. She presents an awkward, uncomfortable girl with real inner beauty. She definitely deserves a lot more recognition for such a stunning, and believable portrayal.

Seeing as the show is based almost 17 years ago, the producers have nailed it. All the music is pre ’96, including Pulp. Suede and Mark Morrison. Oasis’ famous Knebworth gig is also featured.

My Mad Fat Diary is the sort of TV show where you really get attached to each character; you enjoy watching the relationships amongst them build; or fall apart. At the funny bits – you laugh, and at the sad bits – you cry.

The only criticism I have is that it was only six episodes long!

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