Celebrities: Invincible or Only Human?

Think about it, if you are a mutli-millionaire actor/singer/sportsman/enterpreneur/presenter (and all the other gender friendly alternatives), do you think you would feel invincable? Do you think that it doesn’t matter what you do, because money will always be there to help bail you out? Or the fact that purely one rule for you and your successful friends, but another one entirely for us mere mortals?

Yet again, Jason Manford, that kinda-funny comedian has hit our headlines with his obsession with sexting other people but his wife. He got caught out way back when for doing this, and he vowed he wouldn’t again; so what gives? Will his wife forgive him again? Maybe, because she loves him, but she also has the security with Jason with the constant moolah coming in through his tours and show appearances. Whereas if I caught my boyfriend doing that, once I might forgive him, but if I forgave him the second time, then more fool me.

A more extreme version of events is the recent tragedy that has evolved itself around Oscar Pistorius. He got bail, even though he killed his girlfriend. Sure it may or may not be intentional, but he still did it, so why did he get bail? Obviously people may claim that it is due to his celebrity status, whereas if John Doe down the road did it, he would not have received the same judgement. I don’t really know how I feel, but that case is a bit of a mess anyways.

We hear constant stories of celebrities drink-driving, beating others up etc and they seem to be able to just go on bail and maybe pay a fine. The fine does not dent their pockets like any Tom, Dick & Harry would. Of course, I am exaggerating, but this is a recurring scenario that has been happening for years with any celebrity going through any moral breakdown or court-case.

Do they seriously think that if they cheat, it doesn’t matter because they are famous? Sure, some learn the hard way (Naughty Mr Tiger Woods and Ronan Keating) and others don’t (Wayne Rooney and Mark Owen). Some do time, (OJ Simpson at last) or some do the minimum (Li-Lo, Chris Brown), but should I be more sympathetic in the fact that even though they are Celebrities, they are also only human? Or should I just be cynical and believe that most celebrities think they are invincible and that nobody can touch them?

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