10 Really Annoying People at the Gym

Tired of guys staring at you at the gym? Or lads telling each other stories about the girl they got with last night? Or hearing every little detail about someone’s personal life? Here’s a list of the 10 most annoying things going on at the gym, when all you just really want to do is.. Well, work out.


1. Creepy men

So I’ve been running on this treadmill for a while, my face is red and looking like it’s gonna explode soon. I’m sweaty and not feeling too sexy at the moment. Then I see the sneaky eyes in the mirror on the other side of the room. Sorry, dude, I’m not here to find a man.


2. The babes

Oh, are your clothes too pretty to be sweaty? Or is it the overload of make up you wear that makes you walk instead of running on that treadmill? Just sayin’… If you want to get the quick results and look banging in your new dress, then maybe you should actually work out at the gym instead of trying to look pretty. I can assure you the compliments will come when you’re out with the girls later!


3. The screamers

The most awkward people I know must be the screaming weight lifters. Everytime they breath out they give a loud, inappropriate sound. What are you going to call him? ‘Cause I assume you’re giving birth, right?


4. The show offers

“Hey everyone, look at the weight I’m lifting! Ho-ha!” Give me a break. Yes, you are very good at lifting that handle. And good luck on ‘Project Summerbody 2k13’.


5. Posers

I mean, why would you stand and admire yourself in the mirror for everyone to see? Or kiss your biceps? Or even take a picture of yourself in the mirror with your phone? It’s just awkward for us all.


6. The too ambitious one

When people clearly are using so heavy weights that they don’t do it right. No, just no. I feel sorry for you for trying to impress the others of us when the truth is that we’re too busy focusing on our own training.


7. The friend gathering

“Let’s have a meeting in the middle of the room!” No, please don’t. It’s alright to go to the gym with your friends if that makes it easier for you. I can understand someone needs their pal by their side to push them and so on. But when you are having loud conversations about everything between heaven and earth and not actually exercising, it can be a bit frustrating for people around you. We really don’t need to know every little detail about your personal life.


8. The lads

It’s cool that you can be the heroes both at the dancefloor and at the gym – but please, please, don’t give us details about your last night when you brought that crazy girl home. I’m trying to count repetitions here…


9. Mobile freaks

Do you really have to take a photo of the treadmill? And do you really have to sit on the machine texting forever? There’s others here wanting to move on with our programmes.


 10. The over perfumed one

I. Can’t. Breath. It’s alright to smell of body odour at the gym. But what’s not alright is to smell like you’ve just had a bath in Escada, Beyoncé and Versace – all at once.

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