The Pryce of Vengeance

So it’s all backfired on Vicky Pryce hasn’t it?! If you try and stay away from politically tinged gossip, and who would blame you, basically Pryce used to be married to the one time UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Chris Huhne.

To cut a very long story short, in May 2011, no doubt in an attempt to rankle her estranged husband, Vicky Pryce allegedly approached a reporter working for the Mail on Sunday and told him that during her marriage to Huhne, he had coerced her into having *his* driving penalty points put onto *her* license. Something that’s illegal and if you’re a Member of Parliament, a seriously dubious thing to do.

I’m sure she was naive enough to think this would all just end up as a humiliating Daily Mail exclusive and Huhne looking like a prat but the end result of this whole saga is that both of them are now in trouble with the law and both of them look like prats.

I can’t help but think that being a prat is somewhat of a given if you’re a politician these days, so what amused me the most was how it’s all *massively* gone wrong for Vicky Pryce.

Apparently ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold’ but after this sorry affair, this particular dish is looking more unappetising than ever.

Is taking revenge for well, anything, ever really worth it? If it takes form as something relatively harmless and is done quickly after whatever has pissed you off in the first place (*you* leaving a wet towel on *his* side of the bed for example), it might be fun and cathartic but anything more than that just seems to be pointless and potentially detrimental for the wannabe ‘Avenger’.

The vast majority of the time, we’re in control of our emotions so why allow yourself to continue to feel so angry? Chances are the person who bothered you in the first place will have long forgotten the offending incident, so really, you’re only punishing yourself. They don’t care and in the long term, it’s only going to be you who feels a bit silly and vindictive. Or in the case of Vicky Pryce, be a laughing stock.

Whilst I wouldn’t recommend putting yourself in the firing line for more hassle (bear the incident/s in mind and don’t let them near enough to be mean again), I would heartily recommend trying not to think about whatever has upset you and as Oprah would say, “move on and get some ‘closure.”

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