Advertising: Did it make you buy your mother a present this year?

The power of advertising never fails to amaze me. It could be a giant billboard that you glimpse while driving to work or a catchy jingle on the radio (one you wish you didn’t sing along to but succumb to every time). Well this Mother’s Day has been no different. Our television advertisements have shown us what gifts will make our beloved mothers happy and what deals we should love! Out of all the advertisements I have seen over the past three weeks one has really remained at the forefront for me and my memory. The Boots Mother’s Day advertisement, please watch it below:

So what makes it so memorable? This advertisement is indeed very clever and does not try to be overpowering, humorous or blatant with its message. It actually plays simply upon ‘life’ and ‘growing up’. It taps into a mother’s concerns and future worries when a child/children grow up; will my child get a tattoo? How will I react when my daughter wants a piercing? How do I cope seeing my child change from my baby to an adult? How will I feel when my child moves out? This advertisement will resonate with parents specifically, whilst also capturing the attention of young adults; in essence capturing a large audience.

It is charming in its presentation of young children posing questions towards their mothers (this can also apply to parents in general). The idea of offering presents to thank their mother for helping in the future is both clever and thoughtful. It shows how children appreciate their parent’s help and will try their best to ‘repay’ them in some way, whether it is a small gift such as a perfume set or hairdryer. The advert certainly has impact and power; the children look too cute to ask such bold and heavy questions!

Overall it is effective because it is presented simply. The marketing team at Boots have taken an everyday reality in life and parenthood and made it relate to their products and Mother’s Day. At only 21 seconds in length it manages to quickly capture your attention and make you think. So did you shop at Boots for your Mother’s Day present?

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