Obscure Horror Films

Cold and calculating killers, grotesque monsters, knife-wielding maniacs in masks… yawn! It’s all been done, and as thrilling as these stories can be, there’s something riveting about mixing it up a bit. So, forget the classics; it’s time to bring to your attention some unusual, obscure horror movies which are guaranteed to send chills down your spine…



Cube is an utterly unsettling movie about seven strangers who wake up trapped in a strange cube-like structure riddled with terrifying death traps.

They all have unique skills which should aid them in their struggle for survival, and so must work together to come up with a solution. However, their determination to escape turns deadly when they begin to doubt each others’ motivations.

It’s a dramatic race against time as the victims must figure out the complexity of the maze before they fall victim to the bizarre setup.

One of this film’s strengths is that it is marvellously unpredictable – there are twists and turns and unexpected moments which make for highly enjoyable, edge-of-the-seat viewing.

Cube takes an already nightmarish scenario and intensifies it by really playing on the fear of the unknown, as well as heightening the discomfort of claustrophobia, paranoia and disorientation.

Conclusion: This film is incredibly unique and crazily intense. An exciting gem to add to your horror film collection!


Dead Silence:

Ventriloquist dolls are creepy. Fact. I defy anyone not to be freaked out by the weird scary puppets that keep popping up in this spooky movie about a local legend.

The film follows Jamie, who returns to his hometown in a bid to find answers regarding his wife’s suspicious murder.

Just before she was brutally killed, the couple randomly received a mysterious ventriloquist dummy in the post, so it seems apparent that the doll was connected to her unfortunate death.

The dummy, named Billy, belonged to Mary Shaw, the subject of many a ghost story. Legend has it that ventriloquist Shaw was a notorious killer, renowned for cutting out her victims’ tongues after they scream.

Jamie sets out to unravel the mystery but along the way must prove his innocence to cynical Detective Lipton, who believes Jamie is responsible.

Gruesome in part, Dead Silence will easily capture and maintain your attention with its interesting story and little snippets of gore.

Conclusion: A little freaky, slightly unusual, and very haunting. A surprising twist at the end will blow your mind!


Cabin in the Woods:

Five students decide to go on a break in a cabin in the woods – oh how very cliché, right? Wrong. So very wrong.

This movie breaks the boundaries of horrors and provides a really original and fresh take on what can so easily be a cheesy and conventional genre. But it cleverly does so by ironically beginning with a very overdone and formulaic storyline which then pans out into something most unexpected.

Unfortunately, not much can be explained in fear of revealing too much – it would be better for you to watch this movie with a completely unassuming, blank outlook. Being ignorant to the plot will make the turn of events even more gripping, and I wouldn’t want to lessen the surprise element for you!

What I can say is that Cabin in the Woods is pretty bizarre and sinister, with a streak of brilliant originality and a very intense conclusion.

Conclusion: In some ways, utterly bonkers. In many ways, nothing short of cinematic genius.


Panic Button:

This film is truly unnerving because you are constantly kept guessing as to what will happen next.

Panic Button follows four individuals who have been plucked out as the winners of a seemingly fantastic competition, courtesy of social networking website Their prize is a luxury trip to New York via their very own private jet, and whilst on the journey they are told they must participate in the in-flight entertainment.

However, shortly after boarding, the quartet realise that this is no ordinary game, as private information about each person is revealed, causing shock, humiliation and controversy amongst the group.

To make matters worse, they fear that the lives of their loved ones are at stake, so they must obey every instruction asked of them during the game – intense!

Conclusion: Thoroughly entertaining from start to finish. It is pretty scary and very uncomfortable, with a stimulating plot and an unpredictable twist. Definitely worth a watch. Oh, and look out for the sinister on-screen cartoon alligator and his creepy voice…

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