Embellished sunglasses – A treat for your eyes

Forget plain wayfarers or aviators – the only way to stand out from the crowd, if we’re lucky enough to have some sunny days this summer, is with embellished sunglasses.

Over the past couple of fashions seasons, embellishment has been huge. From bags to denim, tops and even nails, adding that touch of sparkle has been everywhere, and now it’s the turn of sunglasses.

Seen on the catwalks by designers including D&G and Roberto Cavalli, the trend for eye-catching sunnies looks to be huge this year. For a cheaper option, which you won’t be too gutted about losing mid mosh-pit at a festival, or ‘borrowed’ by some friendly stranger just wanting to ‘try them on’ before you never see them again, head to Primark. The high street saviour have a huge selection on offer – I’m talking Club Tropicana themed ones with parrots and palm trees, to hippie-esque circular peace sign pairs, which make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

Online retailers seem to be ahead of the game too, with sites like MissGuided and Boohoo selling a great range, which are perfect if you don’t want to splash out. Urban Outfitters also have lots of cute floral designs, which won’t break the bank.

If you’re on the crafty side and don’t mind devoting a bit of time to the cause, you could even get your DIY-on and make your own pair. It’s easier than it sounds. You can buy lots of colourful plastic flowers in bulk online (eBay is your friend for that one) and simply glue them on to a pair of your choice with a strong glue, and ta-dah – a pair of embellished sunglasses are all yours. Whether rounded, cat-eyed or classic, you’ll definitely look individual.

Will you be rocking the trend this season, and more importantly, is it nearly festival time yet?

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