Top 10 films of 2012- #1: Moonrise Kingdom

Note to readers: For those of you following my countdown apologies for the lateness of the number 1 post. Events elsewhere have preoccupied me somewhat.

Wes Anderson is my favourite director; I am going to make no attempt at hiding my bias towards him and his movies. However his latest movie Moonrise Kingdom is fully deserving of the number one spot. Not because of this bias but simply because it was the best film of 2012. From the beautiful opening sequences to the end credits this is a charming affair which shows a director completely comfortable with his own style, showcasing it for the world to see.

All the ingredients are present and correct in his latest movie, a quirky soundtrack, that incredibly pleasing aesthetic approach he takes to his films, Bill Murray, dysfunctional families, anybody who has seen a Wes Anderson movie knows what he’s all about and will love him for it.

Moonrise Kingdom tells the tale of a boy scout who runs away and through a series of amusing letters he has arranged to meet a young girl who is intent on running away with him and starting a new life. The movie’s charm lies in its innocence, the two children both exploring their love for each other in some hilarious moments whilst noting the flaws in the adult world which has tried to consume them.

Moonrise Kingdom is not only a coming of age movie but also a director coming of age. Full of warmth and charm Moonrise Kingdom is easily Anderson’s most complete work to date. The lead performances from young Jared Gilman and Kara Haywood show maturity beyond their years whilst Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, Tilda Swinton and Anderson veteran Bill Murray are all worth writing home about.

I love every element of this movie and it is one I feel I can discover new things with every time I have watched it. It is unfortunate that the movie was, to no-ones great surprise hugely ignored by the academy last month but in my opinion it was time for them to embrace their inner child and give this some of the recognition it truly deserved.

This is a movie that everyone will take a little bit from; it will amuse young and old alike. I can’t get enough of this film and I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve viewed it; Moonrise Kingdom was my favourite movie of 2012.

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