Men, Brush Up On Your Summer Social Skills

With summer (very) slowly sneaking up on us, chances are you will find yourself out and about, meeting new people. Whether your preferred scene consists of: clubbing, football on the beach or barbecues; there are a variety of subtle techniques you can use to ensure you embrace your masculinity in any social situation this summer, silently demanding total respect from other men – and of course making the ladies weak at the knees! Take this simple summer guide into consideration and you soon could be ‘the man’!


1. The Look
Firstly: the look. Sadly (for the majority!) it is a man’s image that will be noticed first so it is important that your personality is reflected when making your first impressions. Thankfully, this can easily be achieved. Whether you are large, skinny or well-toned; any guy can work a shirt. Find a shirt you feel comfortable and confident in and work it! 89% of women asked in a survey, revealed that they’re more likely to appreciate a well-presented man in a shirt. To accompany; a clean shave, neutral aftershave and a fresh smile will make you approachable, by looking and feeling at your best. But, do try not to slap on too much hair gel! You want soft, natural hair people won’t want to avoid. For extra Brownie points – put on a watch. A watch will add a level of sophistication to your look. People will associate you with having a respectable career whilst women in particular will read you as being mature and well organised. This can be the distinction between a boy and a man.


2. Your Actions
With your look mastered, the next aspect to consider is; your actions. By all means, surround yourself with friends you can have a good time with, just don’t feel that you have to compete with them. Relax and be yourself. Remember: you don’t need to be the most dominating male in the group to be respected. In fact, less is often more. Be open with your body language, no folded arms and no hands in pockets. Be bold in how you move, don’t shuffle around. People will feed off of your confidence. Don’t be afraid to make eye contact with people and smile – eight out of ten girls asked said that they notice a guy’s smile before anything else!

Unavoidably, in most social situations there will be food and drink. If you can cook, perhaps offer to help man the barbeque, if not; lend a hand to those who can. When it comes to eating; eat what you’d normally eat – and don’t look nervous about it! Women like men who will tuck into a good meal without any signs of discomfiture/shame. Although you’re conveying confidence, still try to remember basic manners – eat with your mouth closed for instance, it is these things that people pick up on. Believe you are the man, and you will come across as the man. Just mind you don’t come across as arrogant.

Now, the time has come to address an approach for the dreaded dancing. Tip number one, is to not approach every girl in sight and try to dance with them. Step back, take your time and see who really catches your eye. Once you’ve settled on a girl, take it slow. You’ll be relieved to hear that you don’t need to whack out the latest hip-hop moves! Chances are you won’t look as impressive as you feel anyway. You’re much safer to stick to something a little safer, step in time, get a rhythm going on and most importantly – relax! Girls are less likely to be attracted to a guy drenched in sweat than they are to take notice of a guy who perhaps comes across as less concerned about action and more interested in the girl herself – if you catch my drift!


3. Your conversation
Finally, is: what you say. Or more specifically – what not to say. There are two basic rules. Rule one is; don’t bad mouth your mates. Although it may make people respect your friends less, they may also wonder why you are friends with people you think badly of, and their opinion of you may alter for the worse. The second rule is to not talk constantly about yourself. Let others have a chance to speak too. If they’re shy or quiet, ask them questions about themselves. If you don’t know where to begin, start with the current situation you are in – you both have that in common! People are more likely to take to those who express an interest in others.

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