Shh, let the skinny girl speak

Whether you’re in your teens, your twenties or even late thirties, there is still the pressure to look good, even now in 2013 society will judge you from the clothes you choose to wear to the ink on your skin to size of your thighs, it’s a sad but harsh reality.

This post is just pointing the finger at all those ignorant f*ckers who think it’s ok to comment on a woman’s look. (I do understand men suffer the same, but this is my point of view and I am not a man…)

At 5ft 1′ I weigh roughly between seven and a half stone to a few pounds over eight stone, and fit into size 8-10 clothes. I am petite. I love being petite. I love my figure. I rarely notice how little I am until around really tall people or people point it out ‘You’re so tiny!’ No, not really. The average height for women in the UK is around 5ft 4′. The only downfall I would say I have is that I have small breasts. Yes, not a lot I can do about that but occasionally so much I want to. I am confident with the person I am, honestly. My dreams, my goals and my style after so many years of hating my lack of cleavage I am now 90% able to accept it. Past boyfriends have seen past my lack of bust and any man who had a problem with it would be missing it on so much more that I have to offer. I have contemplated surgery and I can say now it isn’t definitively ruled out but I wouldn’t want to make such a drastic change to MY body. This is who I am and what I look like. If I get bigger boobs would that make me more liked? Prettier? More desired? Probably, but it’s shallow of us to think that.

As an adult I have finally learned to dress for my shape, not necessarily stressing over what I don’t have but accentuating what I do (my bottom is delightful, my legs are shapely and my face is a’ight). It might sound like something your mother will say but the most attractive part of a woman is confidence. I am always inspired by gorgeous plus sized women but sadly I can not gain weight. I constantly have family and friends telling me how thin I am and how lucky I am to eat what I do but this is just as insulting as calling somebody of a larger size a fat b*stard. It works both ways. Leave my figure alone. I eat well and surely that’s all that matters.

Unless you have genuine concerns about a friend/daughter/sister/girlfriends/mothers health then find no need to comment on her weight or her style. We are individuals and if we all looked the same how mundane would we find life? Instead compliment her, tell her how great her ass looks in her new jeans or how well she looks. It’s the little things in life that keep us smiling, so stop wasting your time bringing others down and start focusing on how great they are. Start to love yourself, accept your flaws and lather in the areas you are blessed. Great ass like me? Lovely pair of breasts? You’re a darling no matter what size jeans you fit into.

I love my waist, my hips, my bum, my legs and my smile. What are your favourite parts of your body?

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