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She’s the beauty that burst onto the Made in Chelsea scene after Francis met her in Speed Dating, now currently dating co star the loveable Ollie Locke, with perfected blonde bed hair, sexy dewy skin and an impressive boho style we just had to find out the reality star’s beauty secrets.

On her make-up- “My make-up is always very natural unless I’m at an event. At the moment I’m only using Beautiful Movements make up, Kimberly Wyatt’s make up, – It’s completely natural but you still get a really good coverage. I use a foundation and blusher, lip gloss and mascara, that’s all. I’m a big fan of fake bake spray tans though as I think it’s important to have nice healthy glow – and it looks really natural. My biggest fear is skin damage so I try to avoid sun, especially on my face, – luckily I don’t have much of a problem with that. Again, come evening time I like to experiment a bit with different styles of make-up – individual eyelashes, I still like to look natural, bold lips- I’ve even been out with metallic lip transfers.”

Kimberly's make up

On her fashion- “My clothing style is very classic so it rarely changes drastically from season to season – I buy things I like as opposed to things that are in fashion. I love dresses and skirts so I’m excited to be able to wear more of them as it gets warmer. I always wear dresses with a round neck, you will never see me showing off my cleavage and just above the knee. I’m afraid I do wear clear clear tights – but Kate Middleton does too so I feel less granny-ish now – my friends have always given me so much stick for it. I like things to be fitted around my waist because of my curves. I love vintage patterns, floral prints, stripes, and polka dots. I also live in jeans, with either a Barbour or tweed and Chelsea boots. Nothing too glamorous. In the evening I am all about long dresses and long skirts at the moment – I love to feel feminine but I hate my legs so it works for me. Because I wear such classic things in the day I like to play with bold colours and stripes in the evening.”


On all the inbetweeny details- “My most important thing is to have beautiful nails. I go to the salon every 2 weeks to get a new gel colour and always get nail art on my wedding fingers. With the sun out, I just got a beautiful pink pastel colour yesterday – it’s so spring like. My index finger has white polka dots and my wedding fingers are Cath Kidston like flowers. I love good nails. I don’t tend to wear a lot of jewellery. I have an amazing A daisy ring my best friend bought me, and a tiffany rose gold and silver Russian wedding ring that I never take off. Pearl earrings. I live in my tresor watch – it’s actually a mans watch but I like the bulkiness of it and it has an amazing rose gold face. My sister just brought me back an evil eye bracelet and Hand of fatma bracelet from Morrocco – so they will also be on my wrist. I swear by mulberry handbags as well. They’re my guilty pleasure. I will always have an Alexa or Bayswater on my arm, and I am lucky enough to have them in a few different types of browns and black.”

Mulberry bag

On her hair- “I would say that my hair is always very boho – long and straight, or long and wavy. I love Babyliss heated rollers for when you don’t have time to go to the salon. Saying that, sometimes I walk around with my natural bed hair. It’s all about looking natural for me. In the evenings I do like to play with different styles though, and always try and get something different. I’ve had fishtails, short hair, pinned back hair – I let Neville’s salon play around to give me a different look.”

Ollie locke and ashey dating

Catch Ashley on the brand new series of Made in Chelsea on April 8th E4.

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