My Movie Mission

A few days ago, a friend of mine compiled (after four days) and then revealed his personal top 20 favourite films of all time. Despite liking most of the ones that made “The List”, I disagreed with a lot of it but then it was his list. The one thing that it did highlight to me as a self-proclaimed film fan was: I have a serious amount of watching to do.

I had seen all but one of the films on this particular list, mainly because they are pretty much all produced within our lifetime and most I had probably seen with him at the cinema. However, I often find myself reading somebody’s “all time” list or listening to a podcast or watching a program about films and having only a partial point of reference; which is just irritating to me. I have missed out on a lot of what are regarded as “classics” and there really is no excuse other than time.

These are films, a lot of which, I am embarrassed for having not seen by this point. So much so that I would feel as though I am cheating to venture further into what I hope will be a legitimate and lengthy career in (or at least relating to) the film industry, without at least attempting to see these films. Therefore, I have decided to compile my own list. This list will consist of not my own favourite films of all time but of those which I repeatedly hear are “the greatest movie of all time” or “a masterpiece” but for one reason or another have passed me by.

It is all relative, of course, and heavily subjective but look at any popular source and there are certain films which consistently appear near the top: the Godfathers and Citizen Kanes of this world, I am looking at you (although I have actually seen one of those). These are the films I want crossed of my list. I will make this my mission from now on.

I am almost certain this mission will never end but that is the beauty of it. I have watched a lot of rubbish in time I could have spent seeing better things and that has to stop too: sorry Sly, you have had the last of my movie money, mate. The best thing about starting something like this is I am about to watch the greatest movies of all time for the first time. I am almost guaranteed to be inspired, enthralled, moved, excited, thrilled and hopefully get a laugh or two. What more could I ask for?

The only question is: where do I start?

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