Great Expectations or just a Deluded Mindset?

Now now don’t switch off just yet, this isn’t a dive into the subconscious of the great Charles Dickens but more an insightful, reality check.

I recently just moved back home from the little town of Bradford, up north – can I just say, absolutely lovely little place with great people. Well, for me anyways, others might differ. I studied Media Studies BA Hons at the University of Bradford, graduated and successfully worked with the megalomaniacal company known as Santander. Bet you’re thinking of the imperial march from the Star Wars trilogies right,well… it wasn’t that bad.

The main reason I had such a difficult time settling was because it didn’t match my expectations of what I really envisioned for myself, sure I had my own place, my independence, lived by my own rules and had a pretty ‘cushty’ job – that’s pretty much what everyone wants correct?

I always wanted more; the jet setting lifestyle as a journalist, travelling to different places,sampling different cultures, experiencing different sights and reporting on issues affecting OUR world. Now, is that a realistic aspiration nowadays? When people ask me, how do you see yourself in 10 years, my reply has never changed: for as long as I can remember, it has always been a small holdall containing my essentials, my passport, and a laptop. Now, being on the cusp of a recessive trimester, do I still deem all this possible?

Absolutely. It’s all about how you see yourself and how much you are willing to give up. Everything else will follow.

Every parent wishes success for their kids but deep down, being of African descent we know that bringing home that pay packet of 13k a year isn’t something an African parent would boast about. I absolutely adore my folks and I couldn’t have been blessed with better role models so I’d like to make them proud especially since I squashed their dreams of being a lawyer, doctor or engineer in ’07. African parents tee of their children’s profession at pretty much any opportunity they get, this is a FACT. It’s like a weird game of Mortal Kombat, if one says my child is a doctor, that’s an automatic KO to any other parent ; you’d have to come better than that to win at this sadistic game of thrones.

I recently had lunch with a friend from college, reminiscing about the good old days. This got us swiftly talking about successful characters, he mentioned a particular artist who we’d both attended college with, who now just featured on a collaboration with Wyclef Jean. I don’t think I need to name any names but I digress. He then proceeded to saying, ‘That’s the most successful person from college that I know’ in which I cleverly replied, so far.

This is my mindset: is it arrogant, perhaps. Dreamy, maybe. Achievable, abso-chuffing-lutely. Previously, I mentioned that achieving great success is all about how you see yourself and what you are willing to give up. Make this your mantra.

A good job won’t find you if you are a late sleeper (I recently found out that top CEOs begin their days at 5am and they have families so you have no excuse) Get up, do something, proactivity is the key. If you can go to bed, listing an array of things you’ve done in a day, you’re on your way.

Negativity and attitude is another. If you meet for an interview and your mindset says you won’t get the job, your body language will give off this vibe and employers will pick up on it eventually if not immediately. So positively reinforce yourself each day, at any cost. If you must tell yourself in the mirror that you will make it, do this! Anyone who knows me, know I’m a reader, my most recent purchase was Robert Greene’s 40 Laws Of Power – absolutely fantastic. It shaped my already, founded ideology on how things should work. (For all my geeks, I got your back)

Last but not the least begs the question ‘What are you willing to give up?’

If you are not willing to give up anything, you won’t progress to the next level. Mine was gaming so excuse the pun. Yours can be anything: friends, going out, music etc. I have less friends now than when I started university and I am better than ever. Now, I’m not saying cut off everyone and everything but do things in small increments – like the old saying, less is more.

There are so many other things; these are just my top three. I’d happily discuss with anyone currently having a hard time achieving their potentials, because they just can’t seem to tap into the correct channels. Get in touch but remember, ‘Action is the foundational key to all success’

Yes, that’s right, I’m gonna end it with a Pablo Picasso reference.

Bonne Chance.

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