Make your own happy ending

I have just read four articles about relationships, and they all pointed out that love isn’t like what we see in the movies when we are growing up. They all voice the opinion; we are given a misconception of love.


Now I must admit that I’m 23 and not once has a prince come riding through the woods on his noble stead, saved me from a dragon and swept me away to his castle. I recently wrote a blog about it. But really ladies and gentleman, even in the 21st century are we still adamant to base our entire belief of true love on this dated story? I mean firstly, we now drive cars instead of gallivanting around on horseback and secondly if I saw a dragon sat outside my house, I would think it may be time to focus on my own well being opposed to finding a boyfriend.


Without going all modern day on you all, we have the capacity to meet such a huge range of people on a daily basis if we choose to do so. So if you are currently reading through the relationship section of any magazine to reassure yourself that you are not alone in thinking your love life isn’t how you dreamed when you were 7, then it is probably because you are reading your cup of reassurance instead of actually doing something to meet someone.


Single life can sometimes be a bit slow, especially if all of your friends are updating their Facebook statuses, with a running commentary of their relationship every two minutes. But single life means that you can go and do as you want, when you want. So, join a gym, take a class and meet new people. If you really wanted to you could book a two week trip travelling through Europe and think of all the things you would see and all the people you would meet doing that.


If you are in a relationship but moan about the fact it isn’t like a Disney movie, then you are the worst type of person. Maybe you are so stuck with the idea everything must be perfect, that you are oblivious to the fact your partner is actually one of a kind. I have a number of friends like this, who have amazing partners but then spend their time focusing on the bad parts of their relationship. Love is supposed to be about seeing an imperfect person perfectly. Maybe you take that note on your fridge door every morning or the fact they always share the last biscuit with you for granted.


If your relationship really is an awful one, then why are you still in it? You can change that.You can cut your losses and try and find something that is more magical. You will never find that happy ending if you are insistent on being in a relationship that doesn’t work and makes you unhappy because you ‘love them’. Without sounding too blunt, are you in love or are you scared to be alone?


I am a firm believer that your destiny is in your own hands. You make your own story and you can make it as magical and colourful as you like. I admit I have previously been one to moan about my love life and how Disney gives us expectations of love that cannot possibly be fulfilled, but why not? I have come to realise that I create my own happy endings and the best part about real life is that, unlike a Disney movie I can have more than one.

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