How to not have Made in Chelsea-style relationships

What happens when sometimes friendships or relationships becomes tainted by other people? How do we feel when somebody tells us the truth? Brilliant! But what if it’s the wrong person who is giving us this bad news? Not so brilliant. When lies form to hide the truth, rumours start too and soon enough – it’s uncontrollable. Similarly, we saw this kind of situation happily unfold in the first episode of the new series of Made in Chelsea.

The return of the London-based reality show started with a bang; ten minutes in and the drama is spinning out of control like a mad hamster on it’s wheel. The biggest highlight for me was not only seeing Proudlock emerge from a hotel room in very little clothing and Francis reuniting with his skateboard, but the unveiling of Spencer Matthews for the true monster that he really is.

The predominant characters of last nights episode are all taking part in the infamous Chelsea Blame Game. Spencer, who is pretty good at playing puppet master, is placing his bets on who he can pin the blame on for his hidden drunken antics in the last season. Francis Boulle seems to be at the tip of Spencer’s arrow and during their confrontation, Francis kept his cool throughout and made some perfectly well made points. This was my favourite part:


Spencer: I’m only going to see you for what you’ve done to me twice now.
Francis: Twice?
Spencer: When you ratted me out to Jamie.
Francis: Oh you mean when you slept with his girlfriend?
*Spencer exits stage*



Now, I might not be a relationship expert. My knowledge of love and boys are about as short as I am in height, which is 5ft 2″ if you’re asking, so not very knowledgeable… But I think I know enough to understand that you should always listen to your friends when they give you relationship advice, because seeing as their outside members: they can see when you’re about to make a mistake.

Which is basically what Milly and Rosie’s roles are, right? When Louise enters Camden’s BarFly with Spencer, she talks to Milly and Rosie briefly before doing what Louise does best: cry. “We had a moral right to tell you as a friend” says Rosie about the Christmas incident, backed up by Millie who cautiously wants Louise to “respect herself more” than going back to Spencer the Love Rat.

For reasons unknown Louise has given Spencer more chances than even the board game Monopoly would allow. Chances are something that you should apply in careful situations. Perhaps you can be the one to decide when you’d personally allow somebody a second chance, but when is enough really enough? Because when Lucy interrupts a “romantic” meal between Spencer and Louise, you would think it’s high time that she bins Spencer for good.

A perfect scenario would have seen Louise throw something a little heavier than just a napkin at Spencer and then leave the restaurant, leaving Spencer looking like an idiot. Any girl or guy who is stuck in a relationship in jeopardy such as Louise and Spencer would know better than to stick by somebody who goes out in search of other women.

It’s kind of come to my attention that maybe the reason she is sticking by him is because she has a thought in the back of her mind that it would make for great TV. That is partly true, but is it really helping her reputation in our eyes as the oh-so-faithful audience? I mean, we’re watching her constantly crying over Spencer’s stupid outbursts of anger as he bares the consequences of his ridiculous choices every week. But because of this, Louise looks like a bit of a mug, simply put. Before, she was a strong woman who I admired, but now seems to be taken over by a completely false idea of a relationship, which in her eyes looks wonderful.

I just hope maybe Millie will unleash another one of her beastly slaps again to prove that Louise should be rid of Spencer once and for all. And with the addition of a beautifully large engagement ring given to Millie by Professor Green, it might have an effect!

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