A Unique, Remote Getaway – South Tyrol

In the most Northern tip of Italy exists a unique, autonomous province where only a fourth of the 500,000 inhabitants speak Italian and the rest generally speak German or Ladin (a local language consisting of a variety of dialects). Located entirely in the Alps, this picturesque getaway provides a plethora of beautiful natural features waiting to be explored. From tall, snow-covered mountains to low lying, lush, green valleys, with 300 sunny days a year, an abundance of sunshine welcomes everyone to South Tyrol.


What to do?

South Tyrol provides an interesting juxtaposition of both Italian and German cultures. A beautiful beautiful combination of Alpine and Mediterranean traditions, the province offers romantic and family outings for all seasons.

Head to the Dolomites, majestic, sky scraping, white mountains, which millions of years ago were coral reefs. A UNESCO World Heritage centre and favourite of travellers offers lakes, beautiful mountain views and green pastureland with the mythic, romantic sense of Ireland. In the winter months, hit the slopes! With a range of runs, adventurous skiers can get their dose of adrenaline or the family can enjoy a fun day winding down the mountain. In the summer months, head to the trails for some hiking or pull out your bicycle to enjoy the beautiful tree lined paths. If you prefer a less physical way to explore, hop on a horse and enjoy the view!

For those who prefer the more historical or cultural side, South Tyrol has hundreds of castles, manor houses and country houses to visit. You can enjoy the traditional cuisine of recipes passed down for generations, listen to the local folk music, or visit one of South Tyrol’s many museums. If you’re there in the spring, check out their beautifully colourful Carnival festivals and in the winter enjoy the Christmas markets.


Where to stay?

There are many hotels and B&B’s depending on what you prefer. Located in the Dolomites, Hotel Mignon in Selva Gardena is a family owned hotel with a friendly, welcoming staff. They have a range of rooms to accommodate any guest’s needs. With their restaurant and bar, you’ll be sure to enjoy the superb cuisine and be able to relax after a refreshing day in the mountain air. As a special treat, they offer wine tastings in their wine cellar containing wines from all over the world.

In the summer, they offer guided tours and hikes and in the winter they offer guided ski tours, ski school and information about ski passes and rentals.

As if that isn’t enough, Hotel Mignon also includes a beautiful spa with a swimming pool, sauna, massages and more. It is a great way to soak in the warmth and relax your muscles after a long day.


Travelling to South Tyrol

Depending where you’re coming from, South Tyrol is reachable by car and plane (most fly into Verona and then drive the additional hour and a half). For a direct flight to Bolzano in South Tyrol, Air Alps offers flights out of Rome.


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