What is blogging? And How it has helped so many people

Blogs have been around for about 10 years. The word stands for ’web log’ and can be seen as online diaries, anyone can set one up and talk about effectively anything they wish. With more and more free sites to start a blog like Blogger, Wordpress, even Tumblr is considered a form of blogging.

When you hear someone say blogging some people just nod as if to say I know what you mean, the world of blogging is actually amazing but complicated. With many different types of blogs from the most popular types like fashion and beauty, to blogs about technology, travel, sport and so on – its hard to know whats the best to read and follow. How I choose to follow a blog depends on their reasons for blogging.

I recently started a blog to help me in my journey to being a journalist. I have noticed that the software is hard but after fiddling around it becomes easier. Some blogs you can tell have had a lot of love and attention and I can get envious. I enjoy blogging and will continue to do so, but for many other people it has become a lifeline, a door opener and an opportunity. With more magazines and newspapers mentioning bloggers and creating blog awards, it can push people to do better.

This is why I asked bloggers on twitter ‘How has blogging helped you?’ and I was lucky enough to get some responses from a range of people who are in different times in their life.

Beauty/Lifestyle Blogger @sweetiesal said: “I just love it. I’t made me more open to new things, forced me to become more confident & is definitely helping me become more healthy with my recent #myfirstbikini project, I’ve had some fantastic opportunities crop up too :o)”

Charlotte Pearson, journalism graduate, a music and fashion blogger @charlottiebob said: “hi, I’d say it’s given me an outlet for my writing/interests, given me a place to gain writing experience & helped me find new things such as music, products etc. also nice to find new blogs & have a little community feel to it.”

Joy Ejaria, Freelance journalist and blogger @joyfuljoyous said: “Blogging has given me confidence and a belive in myself that I never had. I have also met great people!”

Overall bloggings gives people a voice, a chance to share what they enjoy, get to know people and feel part of a community. I would recommend blogging as it builds your confidence and it makes you push yourself.

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