The Rise of Studded Fashion

Studs have gone from something only to be seen in Camden Town to a trend appearing in every high street store in every part of the UK. This edgy, eclectic  trend provides a cutting edge change to any wardrobe.

Bland knitted jumpers turn into funky ‘going out’ items when small spikey studs are placed on the shoulder pads. This style is particularly popular among mainstream fashion brands as the studded jumpers and cardigans offer a dark yet glitzy take on everyday fashion.

Studs have also been extremely popular on shoes. Biker boots, chelsea boots, heels and even converse have been struck by the studded craze. The beauty of studded shoes is that they can transform an outfit and bring a different feel to your normal shoes. Buy studded shoes and they become perfect for anything from workwear to nightlclub fashion.

So if you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe and opt for an edgier fashion, go for studded clothing and footwear , you will immediately see a bolder transformation on your outfit.

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