Band names: the ridiculous, annoying, and confusing

One of the most important things when forming a band- cosmetic as it might be, is choosing a suitable name that really represents what your band is about. A clever name is recognisable, unique and not too longwinded. The Strokes instance, The Who, The Kinks, and many other ‘The’ bands. But recently after listening to a new song and hearing a new band name I think really? Is that actually your first choice for a band name? These band names may be defined as edgy but perhaps they are more bizarre, or just plain idiotic.

Some names like Bombay Bicycle Club- if there is a actual bicycle club in Bombay- probably not as its now called Mumbai, is unique and sticks in your mind. Or Smashing Pumpkins an insanely good band who happens to smash pumpkins?

Yes I know you shouldn’t take these names literally, these artists are simply being creative, and I’m all for creativity- its what makes the world go round. But some names are just so ‘creative’ they make me not want to listen to the band and as a lousy name probably will result in a lousy band.

And the bands who take random bunch of letters and numbers and haphazardly throw them together, really? Do you want to be taken seriously? For example 2B3? What is that? It looks like a chemistry symbol. Even if the band doesn’t include numbers they can be just annoying, or even more so. Saying them out loud feels like I’m reciting from a C.S Lewis poem. Hoobastank for instance, too quirky for its own good.

Okay, I must stop being too judgemental, you mustn’t judge a book by its cover. If the band is actually good then perhaps I can overlook the name.

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