How to survive a girl’s holiday

It’s that time of year again. The end of term is nigh, the sun is slowly beginning to rear his head after a long winter and frankly the only thing getting you through hours of revision is the thought of a holiday. Zante, Kavos, Malia, Ayia Napa and Magaluf; all offer a cheap week of sun and are notoriously known for alcohol, sex and partying until dawn. Nothing in moderation and everything in excess. These destinations are all about letting your hair down so here are five ways to surviving a girls holiday:


1.)     Reps are everywhere! It is near enough impossible to stroll down the strip at any given time and not have one thrust a leaflet in your face about how they too are offering drinks for 2 euros like every other bar on the island! Trust me; it never is an “exclusive” deal. You can’t avoid them so you might as well embrace them. Haggle with them. If they’re offering drinks for 2 euros, ask that you get them for 1 euro. This works particularly well if you happen to be on holiday with a large group of friends, they will want your trade and will be more willing to make an exception for you.


2.)    You will need fancy dress! Repeat, you will need fancy dress. Although airlines operate strict rules of the weight of individual suitcases, I fully encourage you to ignore that whilst you are sat packing and contemplating whether or not to bring that flower garland or your old school tie. You really will need it! On my holiday to Kavos last year, three out of the seven nights were fancy dress and packing extra bits like face paint makes it a little bit less of a stress when you’re out there, whilst of course providing you with more vital time for sunbathing. Additionally if you’re reading this thinking “I have no plans to dress up”, too bad, it will happen.


3.)    This is probably a given and runs the risk of echoing every mum on the planet, but wear sun cream and drink plenty of water (bottled water at that). With places like Magaluf reaching temperatures of 30C, getting heat rash or sunstroke is about as easy as going out on the pull on the strip! However if you do end up with the dreaded heat rash, a good remedy for cooling down the skin is Greek yoghurt, though instead of eating it slathering it onto the skin works a treat! Minus the smell of course. I may or may not have first-hand experience in watching (and laughing) at one of my friend’s suffer this fate.


4.)    Vodka is both your best friend and your worst enemy, but more likely your worst enemy. It is very possible that you will wake up the next morning a victim of several bruises, a loss of memory and the word ‘YOLO’ written across your forehead. At the time it was a great idea, just remember that. A word of warning however and I’m not saying that everywhere is like this but a few bars do not use proper branded Vodka, it’s probably a cheap alternative. This stuff will have you feeling fabulous one minute and the next sat hugging the toilet seat whilst violently vomiting the contents of your stomach. Again, I may or may not be speaking from experience here.


5.)    Be an idiot (within reason of course!) You’re on holiday, you have no school/college/uni/work for that one week and you’re with your best friends. Do whatever you want! Embrace the freedom and to quote Harry Styles “go crazy, crazy, crazy until you see the sun!” On that note, I’d even encourage you to forget how much you dislike One Direction and you go and dance to one of their songs, all in the name of YOLO and that.

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