Living below the line

Tomorrow I will start an international campaign to live below the line. I will be living below the line of poverty for five days. This is an international campaign which is being run by charities such as UNICEF which is who I am supporting.

The reason I am supporting UNICEF is because I feel it is so important for children to be entitled to an education, and to be supported throughout these times. It’s very easy to forget how easy it actually is for most people in the UK. School is free for every child in the UK, giving each individual the chance to make something of themselves. Sometimes we take this for granted.

The campaign has been set up to make people more aware of what poverty actually is and how it feels to live below the line of poverty.

I will be living on a pound a day, so that gives me five pounds to spend on a weekly food shop. One pound a day is equivalent or in most cases less than people who are in extreme poverty live off.

I have all my food prepared and purchased it all from an Aldi store, I bought; A casserole pack, which included carrots, swede and onion, vegetable stock, three packets of noodles, a bag of rice, a bag of pasta, a tin of chopped tomatoes, a tin of tuna, a bag of porridge oats and a tin of beans.

That to me looks and sounds like a lot of food, although I really wish I would have invested in some tea bags, as living without tea for a week will probably be my biggest challenge!

I’ll be posting each day to update you on my journey, so keep your eyes peeled for the next post.

Also if you would like to find out more about the campaign of add a donation, click the link below.

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