Day 4 – I’ve cracked

Today is day four of the Live below the Line Campaign. There are over 5000 people in the UK doing this challenge with me, but somehow I feel very alone in my campaign.

It’s really hit me today what it’s like to live in poverty. I’m tired, grumpy, and hungry and I feel like at any moment I might just flip.

Today has been a sunny, warm day in Preston, so me and my house mates decided to go to the local park for a while this afternoon. I was called downstairs as everyone said they were ready to go, so I was ready with my bag and shades.

One then said that they were going to eat their lunch sat down, then asked if we wanted to go for a walk after that. For some reason, the fact that they all had lunch to take with them really annoyed me. I said that I would have to make some food and then meet them there, which I did.

This made me realise that people who live in poverty must find every day a constant struggle, particularly in social situations; they can’t go out for lunch or dinner with their friends and family because it just costs too much. They can’t have people round for dinner because they just don’t have enough food. I can only imagine how difficult it is for people in poverty to have a good social life.

Today’s meals have been extremely boring; all I have left is, rice, porridge, pasta and vegetable stock cubes. For breakfast, you guessed it, I had porridge. Then for lunch was rice, which I mixed a small amount of vegetable stock in to give some flavor to it. Then for dinner I had pasta, on its own.

Finally, I weighed myself today; after four days of the campaign I have lost four pounds, that’s a pound for each day I’ve taken part in the campaign.

Keep looking out for my posts to see how I’m getting on with the challenge.

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