Dior Exhibition at Harrods

Whether you’re a fashion junkie or fashion victim you will surely have heard of Christian Dior. It is arguably one of the most recognised fashion labels which has seeped into popular culture. Famous brand iconography includes Charlize Theron sweeping confidently down a corridor in a gold glitzy dress for the J’Adore perfume commercial. Part of brand recognition comes from the famous faces that have worn Dior and the exhibition at Harrods paid tribute to this. On display were Theron’s gold embellished dress and other dresses worn by Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana, Marion Cotillard and Emma Watson. Something which the exhibition highlighted is how popular and enduring Christian Dior is with women of the last century and today.

The whole exhibition was a work of art in itself. On entering visitors were welcomed by a massive reconstruction of Christian Dior’s house, which contained some perfume bottles in the window. The dress worn by Charlize Theron in the J’Adore Dior campaign was surrounded by perfume bottles. Further on in the exhibition was a phone box, massive chair and perfume bottle. As if to show that Dior does not do anything by halves, the exterior as well as the interior of the exhibition was transformed. In the display windows outside were models of mannequins wearing Dior, along with Tower Bridge and the London Eye with the capsules made out of Dior perfume bottles which was my favourite display.

The Dior exhibition at Harrods was interesting and engaging, giving visitors an insight into the brands history and international recognition. If you were not fortunate to have gone to the exhibition then you can always pay a trip to Harrods to admire this seasons Dior collection. There is an unmistakable refined and chic aesthetic which is still very much visible in the collections of today.

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