Recession? What Recession?

Let us sit down and talk migration for a second and not the birds of a feather kind.

I’ve just had the fantastic opportunity to travel for a little bit, after a gruelling almost 3 year sentence in the institution of LIFE. Albeit harshly, I learnt a cruel lesson.

Currently on my way back from Calgary, Canada; matter of fact I’m writing this whilst on the plane,no kidding, technology right? Awesome stuff. Thank you Apple Pages app. best £6.99 spent.

Anyhow, the trip was a tad spontaneous which is nothing like me but it came bearing the fruits of change. I treated this trip as one of business as well as pleasure; a fantastic opportunity to see relatives, analyse the workforce in the northern part of America and let my hair down. Lord knows I needed it, I was tightly wound, close to breaking point, needed to escape for a little while so everything worked out just fine.

While I was here I was introduced to a few family friends, hard working people who were reaping its numerous rewards. Accountancy and Engineering (construction) seemed to be a booming industry in these parts; lavish expenditures, chateau like houses and all in all, no sign of an economic depression nor recession. With an economy looking to statistically rise for the next 5 years, you cannot go wrong. Canada isn’t the only country mind you, Australia or as colloquially known ‘down under‘ is another.

Which begs the question, how can I also tap into this fountain of potential thus enjoying life like these people?

The answer is simple, MOVE. Yes, a temporary act of escapism is the key. Now I know, each and every one of us live different lives, meaning not everyone will have this option at their disposal but by Jove, if you can, do it.

Nothing more depressing than being an individual, brimming with potential and abilities to prove oneself but having absolutely no luck due to a ‘recession’. It kills the soul, I’ve had some experiences of this already. Before I took this trip, I had an interview with a company dealing with tax reclaims for personal and international businesses, which I absolutely nailed, received positive feedbacks, swimming reviews yet no callback.

By now, I’m pretty sure a lot of you are used to getting those emails, you know the ones that say

‘Dear Mr/Mrs (insert your name here), after careful consideration… but we will keep your information on our database should anything come up‘ etc etc.

To be fair, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being rejected, especially in an economy taking a nose dive, matter of fact, it builds character. Call it a rite of passage if you must. Psychologically however, the effects can be detrimental to a person of a much weaker nature to life.

Everything being said, if you are working in the UK and reaching your full goals and potential, then kudos to you, you are part of the very lucky few. If you’re not however, thinking it will pick up, as you pick up your 2 weeks JSA, go about other avenues.

Another country may contain your raison d’être.

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