Advice: Getting past that old cliché

When you’re in need of that little push in the right direction, it’s always nice to speak to someone wise about what to do and to get that little bit of help.

But sometimes there’s only so much ‘you never know what’s round the corner’ and ‘it will happen when you least expect it’ clichés that you can take. Maybe if we broke past that barrier and listened to what those words actually meant, we would relax a little and take it all on-board.

When you’re driven at something, it’s fantastic. When your brain is telling you nothing is going to stop you getting where you need to be, you really are in the best frame of mind. But sometimes this feeling can fade, especially after a lot of time and effort.

So when you find yourself sat in the company of a parent, a friend, a colleague or simply someone inspirational to you, you must try to really listen to what they say. It’s easier said than done, but if you have a dream and a passion then as long as you plug and plug away, you will get there. As long as you are on this earth and breathing, then you are already winning.

So take a deep breath, listen, appreciate and don’t stress. The clichés may be cringey and dated, but they give people hope and that’s so important.

A very wise person once told me “you have no idea what is around the corner, but that’s the fun of it. That’s what it’s all about.”

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