Geek Tops – The Trend that shouldn’t have happened

I’m a people person, I’m not a negative person and it’s rare that something really and truly annoys me, but every now and then I lose hope in humanity and find myself questioning what on earth goes through people’s mind when they get up in the morning. And this, is one of those things that really does my brain in.

Unless you’ve been living in hole for the last few months then you would have seen an increasing number of girls and unfortunately even some boys wearing these tops with various slogans ranging from the most popular ‘Geek’ to another favourable ‘Dork’ or even the American slang word of ‘Dweeb’.

These tops first made an appearance in high street shop Topshop (why Topshop, why?!) in the form of a t-shirt with the ‘Geek’ slogan on it. Since then, however shops such as Primark have taken the trend a little too far in my opinion and decided to shove any term including ‘loser, ‘yolo’ and my personal favourite ‘swag’ onto a t-shirt. Why on earth would someone wear a top that said ‘swag’ on it?!

But what’s more annoying than these tops have got to be the people that actually wear them. The tops are most favourable by people who are most certainly not ‘geeks’ or ‘dorks’ or anything even similar to them. The tops are mostly worn by people who have few braincells and can hardly qualify as someone intelligent and ‘geeky’. The trend of wearing ‘geek’ glasses passed a while back, and I guess this is the new way of letting people know you are a ‘geek’.

But why the sudden obsession to want to be seen as a geek? If you are in fact intelligent then this quality should come across naturally not by shoving a top that yells ‘dork’ in your face. And I’m 100% sure anyone who is actually a certified ‘geek’ would not be seen dead in one of these tops. Not everyone that wears them of course is like this, but on a general level you wouldn’t come across a group of people in the library wearing these tops.

Please can everyone who owns one of these tops refrain from wearing them, ever again. Maybe burn them? The world will be a much better place without them. Take the 3D glasses off, get rid of the hideous tops and read a book.

Infact, it’s quite ironic that the people who insist on wearing these tops are the same people who bullied ‘geeks’ and ‘dorks’ in school.

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