How to lose a guy in 10 seconds: what not to do

So we’ve all seen the film how to lose a guy in 10 days but the question has to be asked, does it really take 10 days? Of course it doesn’t! It can take as little as 10 seconds to completely blow your chance with Mr Right. Think how quickly we size up and dismiss a bloke, they do exactly the same to us girls (shock). You have just met a slick 6ft hunk but no matter how utterly irresistible you are it’s often your body language giving off all the wrong signals. Here’s 5 things not to do:


Look him up and down in the wrong way: you can risk him thinking you’re judging him or being rude. Think, how do you feel when a girl gives you that head to toe glare? Intimidated and vulnerable.


Take yourself too seriously: no one wants to make a total prat of themselves when you first see someone who takes your fancy but remember it is fine to crack a smile, a smile gives off the impression your easy to talk to and friendly.


Avoid making eye contact: by looking down and scurrying past it just makes you seem like you’re either not interested, are really unsociable or far to busy to even think about men. If this isn’t the case, make direct eye contact paired with a friendly smile to make you seem approachable.


Look at your Iphone : Put it down! Instantly if someone’s feeling nervous or wants to avoid convosation it’s a classic move, whip out your phone and frantically refresh your twitter feed. Doing this makes you appear really unapproachable. Research shows that we check our phones up to 150 times a day, crazy!


Ignore him and then add him on Facebook: classic mistake. You’re too scared to speak to a hot guy so you track him down online and decide to send him a friend request. Don’t do this; it could make him think that you are ashamed to speak to him in public. No one wants to be a Facebook Stalker.

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