The 21st Century male

Opening the bathroom cupboard out falls anti-wrinkle creams, lip balm and fake tanning gloves.

You’re wrong! It’s not the bathroom of a middle-aged glamorous goddess, it’s an average bloke who stares into the mirror next to the cupboard.

Have you ever thought your man spends more time in the bathroom then you do? He probably does. With ‘reem’ king of preen Joey Essex being on the big screen since the hit series The Only Way Is Essex took off on ITV2 in 2010, a spray tan and a good hair cut is nothing to be ashamed of. TOWIE shows the male members of the cast doing all sorts from getting their eyebrows tinted to having Botox and cosmetic surgery.

This may come as a shock to most but it’s no secret that men have always felt the same pressures as us chicks to look good, the only difference now is that a preened fella is more socially acceptable than they historically were.

We would complain when our man chucked on a dirty t-shirt, ran his fingers through his hair and said “ready?”, but now we face waiting, yes ladies, us waiting, for him to finish perfecting his comb over and topping up his streak free tan which he’s probably rocking better than we are.

Once upon a time if a guy walked into a salon and asked for a spray tan heads would most certainly turn but these days most customers at local salons are todays modern men.

Competitive brands are making sure that our lads have are all kitted up with the perfect tools for the trade and male brands are creating new products quicker than ever. With the slick packaging, what guy wouldn’t be proud to park products firmly on the bathroom shelf? With Boots research revealing that nine out of ten men think cosmetics and clothes give them more pulling power than a car, who can blame a dude for trying! The research also showed they spend an average of three hours preening themselves and seven out of ten admit to using a concealer. Yes girls, it’s not only the guys in the movie who aren’t afraid of a bit of slap to clear up a blemish!

Bad news for us, men’s skin has a higher collagen content and a slower loss rate compared with women so they will have younger looking skin for longer. Claws away ladies. We know that no one wants their man to look better than them but it’s time we faced the facts of the future.

So it looks like the rough and ready man may soon be a historical myth, it’s time to look for a house with more than one bathroom!


The Top 5 tips to transform the average bloke:

  • Get a haircut, this can really transform your face.
  • Facials, as simple as a,b,c cleanse tone and moisturise.
  • Twinkle -teeth, make the most of your pearly whites.
  • Stand up tall! Posture makes such a difference.
  • Tie your laces, another simple thing which can change how you walk.
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