Return of the Jelly Sandal

These past couple of years has seen the fast rise in recycled trends. I don’t mean recycled materials, I mean trends from way back when. I don’t think I can count the amount of times on both hands that somebody much older than I am has said “Goodness, I used to own that when I was you’re age!” about something that is in high street stores today.

Topshop, ASOS and River Island have grouped together to bring back something that even I can remember from the 90’s: the Jelly shoe. As a young girl, I remember wanting them in every single colour. Pink, purple, blue, clear and even green. They were the height of cool. If you had jelly shoes back then, it is the equivalent of having the famous quilted Chanel handbag today.

“But are they really as cool as they were back then?” Most people say, their face shadowed with distaste. I personally think so. Jelly shoes, like most other shoe or trainer, have the ability to transform your outfit and the way you see style. I’ve seen a lot of grunge-esque fashion bloggers wearing black ones with their leather and denim outfits, even celebrities are getting their hands on some.

Chanel have even made their own version of the jelly sandal, not forgetting also Melissa shoes, whose collection is made entirely from that ‘jelly’ substance. It seems like the world is going crazy – again – for jelly shoes, taking us all back to our youth.

So what is the best way to wear Jelly sandals?

If you’re daring enough to own a pair, Jelly sandals can go with practically anything. From your skinniest jeans to your prettiest dress. With socks when it’s a little chilly out or bare feet inside in the dead of summer. The colour range are pretty out there as well, Topshop have them in every colour you could probably imagine, and at £20 a pop – you can’t go wrong at all!

After this, I think I’ve fully convinced myself into getting a pair… But in black, of course!

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