The Pregnancy Fashion Debate

There are so many celebs pregnant at the moment that we are getting a daily tutorial on how to keep your style whilst expecting; or are we?

Kim Kardashian is getting heavily criticised for wearing revealing and unflattering clothes while she is pregnant. Let’s be fair she isn’t and wasn’t a small girl before she was with child but now it’s like she’s fair game. If anything shouldn’t we be treading on egg shells a little bit, after all, you wouldn’t tell any other pregnant woman she looked fat; we would be publicly shamed so why is it ok to do it to a celebrity?

I think its come with her lifestyle and how she became famous (sex tape) that has carried through to her pregnancy. People think it’s ok to slag off her figure while she’s pregnant and vulnerable as that’s what she’s gotten used to since she’s been in the spotlight.

I can guarantee that anyone dares slag Kate Middleton pregnancy style off would create a storm, but because it’s Kim Kardashian it’s expected. I’m not saying a tight camel coloured leather dress would be my first pregnancy style choice. I would think if your pregnant you get a bit of sympathy for your changing silhouette; obviously not. Women are bitches.

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