Are you using out of date make-up?

Gloopy glosses, cakey bronzers, worn out mascara’s, we are all guilty of keeping make-up in our draw for years but it’s essential that we don’t use make-up past its sell by date.

Research has revealed that British women use out of date make-up, what’s shocking is that they know they’re doing it.

Clumpy expired mascara is used by over two thirds of women according to the research carried out by

71% of the women who took part said that out of date mascara was the most likely item of expired make up they would use, eye shadow was a close second choice.

We are constantly rubbing and touching our eyes throughout the day and smothering your eyes lashes with expired mascara isn’t the best idea considering our eyes are a breeding ground for bacteria.

It may seem a dull task, but try and keep track of the shelf life of your products, avoid infections and protect those beautiful eyes!

Companies don’t have a legal requirement to print use by dates on their products so it’s important to note down when you brought the product.

Don’t panic, lucky for us, infections are unlikely to occur as products are overflowing with preservatives but allergic reactions and infections can still occur.

Flawless make-up will soon become a myth unless you have clear out sharpish, full thick dark lashes aren’t achieved by using clumpy mascara.

When do my products go out of date?

Mascara: 3- 6 months

Foundation: 12 months

Powder and bronzer: 18 months

Concealer: 12 to 18 months

Lipsticks and lip glosses: 18 months – 2 years

Liquid eyeliner: 3 months

Eyeliner pencil: 3 years

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