Eye Make-Up: Tricks and Cheats

Ever have those days when you have to get ready in a hurry? The leisurely hour or so you would usually take has been abruptly shortened to fifteen minutes as you have to be somewhere ASAP? Maybe you just wish your make-up had more staying power throughout the long day and didn’t end up half way down your face by lunch time? Or, perhaps, your favourite product has run out or mysteriously gone missing so you have to (gasp) make do? Well, I can help you with these problems, in this case when these probelms relate to your eye make-up.

I try to refrain from wearing loads of make-up, partly because I don’t like wearing so much in one go and partly because I’m quite lazy and favour looks that are simple and rather effortless, but one thing I always make up are my eyes. As a  result of this I have come to terms with a  number of tricks over the years, some of which you may already be aware of but others I will share with you now.


Long-Lasting Secrets


Don’t you just hate it when the eyeshadow you painstakingly applied decides to go walkabouts on your face, or fade off altogether? Well, I can assure you that these days are finally over. Before applying eyeshadow, simply smear a tiny amount of matte foundation over your eyelid (avoid oily foundations as they won’t dry properly and the issue will remain), then leave to dry for a few minutes. This will keep your eyeshadow on all day/night. One that I’m using at the moment is Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximun Cover in Creamy Ivory (stick to light shades as they will not effect the colour of the eyeshadow), it’s £27.50 and you can find much cheaper matte foundations but it’s in my make-up bag right now so will do.


If you are not blessed with full, thick eyebrows or you are a victim of the over-plucking sin then this is for you. As you most likely ‘colour-in’ your eyebrows, whether it be with a specialised eyebrow pencil, eyeliner stick or even with eyeshadow, you may find that by a certain time of day your colouring efforts have disappeared. No fear, in order to maintain your freshly-coloured eyebrows, dampen the eyebrow with water before you colour. This will ensure a better result from the colour and create a long-lasting effect on your brows.


Again, you have spent the morning perfecting your 60’s style eyeliner flicks or your kohl-rimmed eyes and by midday it has faded and smeared like you accidently rubbed it off. Do not worry, if your eyeliner is not cutting it by itself, apply it as usual, wait until it’s dry then line it again- this time with eyeshadow. Go over the line in an eyeshadow that matches the eyeliner shade and you’ll have an all-day success. Rimmel has a vast amount of eyeshadows that match their eyeliner pencils.


Quick Doll-Eyes

Want bigger-looking, bambi-like eyes? I have three possible options for you.

The ‘Mascara Sweep’

Just apply a light amount of mascara to the middle eyelashes and outer corners of your upper-eyelid and the outer corners of your lower eyelid. A natural, eye-opening effect that can be done in less than a minute.

‘Make-Do Mascara’

Run out of mascara? No time to dash to the nearest Boots or have to wait for the next payday? Vaseline is here to help. Give your eyelashes a light-covering for a dewy, mascara-esqe look. For better results, mix in some black eyeshadow or even some eyeliner. A bit messy, but it works.

For ‘Bright Eyes’

Those dull and gloomy mornings when you wake up feeling and looking like you match need not be. You can’t control the weather, but you can control how you look. For wide awake, instantly wider and brighter eyes, apply an eyeshadow or pencil in silver, white or gold to the middle of your upper eyelid. For eyeshadow, a pea-sze amount in the middle is fine, for pencils, blend in. Ta-dah. I like using L’oreal Colour Appeal shades as I find they last longer.


Little Tricks

Eye Circles Be Gone

Touche Elact is a worldwide fave in the beauty industry, but it’s price tag is a bit much in poorer times. For the same results, Garnier Roll-On Anti Dark Circles does the same job. Apply to the dark-circle area and blend. It’s £10.50 and has a cooling, refreshing ‘caffeine’  effect.

Casual Smoky Eye

Fancy a smoky eye, minus the effort? Or a jet-black eye that isn’t too full-on in colour? Dab a cotton bud in a gel eyeliner and sweep over eyelid and blend for a faded, effortless look. Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner is perfect and has a £7.99 price tag.

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