They Should Have Expected Us: Anonymous Begin #OpEDL

As a concept I like the idea of the group Anonymous. In practice, I quite enjoy them also. Whilst faceless activists could have potentially been a dangerous thing for society, as they seem to have amazing hacker knowledge and skills, they have proven to be its saviour. Politicians get so caught up in their relationships with everybody else who possesses some form of power that they ignore, what should be, their number one priority: the people. The blatant racism and discrimination shown towards Muslims in the past few weeks has been disgusting and not one person who could prevent this has actually done anything about it. That is where Anonymous comes in, as they have decided to take their own steps to even out the score with #OpEDL.

Whilst many EDL members have singled out Muslims and their places of worship to spread their seeds of hate, Anonymous has removed the pathetic and cowardly façade they all hide behind. How have they done this? By publishing an EDL mass data leak, including emails, names, addresses; anything which ensures EDL members feel exactly how British Muslims currently do: vulnerable. The organisation has warned that for every one personal detail the EDL publishes, they will publish ten phone numbers of the EDL and other personal details. In these documents, which are now viral and can be searched on Twitter with #OpEDL, other links are also provided that uncover the EDL for the hypocrites they are. These web addresses lead to various places, such as images showing numerous EDL members engage in sexual conversation with an underage girl. Remember when the EDL accused Muslims of being paedophiles? Pot, kettle, black? However, my favourite lies with the screen shot of a Twitter conversation between the head of the EDL and a 15 year-old British Muslim girl. It goes something like this: @EDLTrobinson (to the Twitter account of said girl) your pretty fit for a Muslim. What a complete gem. That’s definitely my favourite one of the bunch.

I urge everybody to search for these transcripts, as it will show you exactly what these people who claim to “love Britain” are all about. Racist, hypocrites, thugs. That’s the best way I can put it really. I genuinely hope this dissection of the EDL significantly decreases their support. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will. People seem to love burying their heads in the sand and finding any excuse to attack the vulnerable. Regardless, I think the efforts of Anonymous are commendable as the only way to stop a bully is to stand up to them.

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