Confessions of an ex-fresher

Back in 2012 when I was packing up and shipping off to University of Portsmouth, My expectations were high, from what older friends, and older relatives told me, it would be an experience, with many ups and some downs. However all promising that the three years of university would most definitely turn me into a fully functioning adult.

So at the end of my first year, the year living in halls and surviving on my overdraft has taught me things, but am I 1/3 of the way to being fully cooked? My younger brother is due to start University this September, what would I say to him? How can you survive as a fresher?

The weeks of freshers, where I was jolted into the reality of living and surviving on my own, consisted of me finding the cheapest alcohol with the strongest content. This normally found me buying a whole bottle of Frosty Jack’s cider, which I was told was made of onions, and mixing it with Robinsons Black-current, in order for it to be bearable enough to drink. My other drink of choice, Jaeger Meister, the result making me one happy fresher. The night out normally ended with a trip to Kens or Kevs (not to be confused). To summarise I ate a lot of drunken burgers coupled with Kev’s special sauce (ingredients unknown).

My corridor in Burrell House aka concrete jungle, had it cons admittedly. The fact that I was the only girl in the corridor for a good part of the year, strengthened me, as teenage boys are indeed messy and unclean for a lot of the time, as well as stupid. My neighbour broke his sink by using it as a bin, for things such as peanut butter,  tuna, oh and urine, thus making it blocked. His solution to the problem? Spraying Linx to cover up the smell, and I had to share a shower with him.

Okay, so before I put you off your dinner, lunch or mid-night snack. I did love university. The nights out when me and my friend bought back 25 canvasses left by a bin ‘its modern art!’ (long story). Finding my drinking limit, as my friends would tell you, that has been touch and go. The new phenomenon of washing up before you eat, instead of after, and having to do your own laundry, has definitely been challenging.

But now back at home, taking it easy after sleeping in the library for two weeks, I miss it, and sure food readily available is a welcome change, on the other-hand next year, in my new flat will be welcomed. Bring on year 2!

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