Fairy Tales: The Magic of Disney or Curse?

What ever happened to building a life together? I’m a little worried about how much pressure is put on people and in particular young men to provide. Back in the day, our parents had virtually nothing when they embarked on their marital journey together just the pinned money on the meringue shaped dress and grooms suit giving Greek, Filipino and couples from other cultures the means to kick start their future. There were no expectations just dreams and visions of their first everything.

I’m noticing a very unnerving shift in attitudes that I really believe is detrimental to relationships as we know them. Personally I blame Walt Disney and others like him who have brainwashed an entire generation into believing in fairy tales; Cinderella being the main culprit. I mean if the shoe fit in the first place she wouldn’t have lost it! Thank goodness Disney movies have moved on and the message has shifted; loyalty, acceptance, sacrifice and fighting for something or someone you believe in are the themes of the present day.

They want the lot now and drive not their husbands crazy but their boyfriends too… when did that happen?I know so many women who educate themselves and work because they have dreams and aspirations of their own. Fuse one of these women and a man with similar ethics and you would surely have a dynamic combination… together and unstoppable! When a man, especially a young man starts to build something there is nothing worse than being made to feel inadequate especially when he is doing his absolute best.

Looks like I’m fighting the good cause for the fellas but as with all things there are more reasons than the fairy tale ending’s that turn these women/girls into monsters. Spoiled brat syndrome is something that I really can’t identify with and the parents who will not stop at the demands of their ‘princesses’ have a lot to answer for. Another less sinister explanation is that they don’t want to struggle. Some will have seen their families fight for every morsel in their mouths giving them the hunger for more no matter the long term consequences.

I’m old fashioned and proud of it but I don’t mean the ‘little woman’ has to stay at home with a duster in one hand and the hoover in the other, to me old fashioned values mean you support each other and take the stress off instead of piling on pressure until it suffocates leaving the person you allegedly love unable to breath. There will come a time when she discovers that enough is enough; for him but never for her.

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