Film Review – I Give It A Year

‘If I had to make a top ten list of girls I’d do, you’d be in it… number 7’

‘You’re my type, I don’t really go for good looking’

Two of the best catchy jokes I found whilst watching this film.

Brought to you by the writers behind Borat, I Give It A Year is a compelling, drolè, British made film which had me rolling on the floor and occasionally spitting out my beverage. It is a story of a newly-wed couple, adjusting to the ever changing qualms of married life. With an all star cast, Rose Byrne, Rafe Spall and Alex McQueen, this rom-com is an absolute must watch. If you like a mismatch of characters, awkward social etiquette, and cringe-worthy moments turn comedy then I must say, this gets an 8/10 from my book.

Don’t be dismayed by the title, it doesn’t fall in the same mushy genre as films such as How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, P.S I Love You or The 10 Year Engagement – you have my word. There isn’t a deep marital moral at the end but moreover hilarity in its simplest form. It is a whirlwind, dysfunctional relationship brought to life, which I am sure many can relate. I think that is the reason why it resonates with it’s audience.

After reading several reviews however, it would seem not everybody enjoyed it, not everyone’s cup of tea. One critic said it was unbearably grating and not funny, which I think is a tad harsh – jeez critics huh. The only personal flaw that I found was the use of Anna Faris, who plays the role of Chloe : the ex who still hangs around. She’s well commonly known for her role in spoofs and comedies such as The Ring, Scary Movie 4 and Smiley Face but I just felt her comedic genius failed to mesh with the rag-tag bunch in this film. Call it the Brit-American conversion complex.

Other than that, before I give it all away, I recommend taking a peak. A good Friday night relaxer with friends over a bottle of your finest white, not red urgh yucky. Also, it will bring up some interesting conversation after. I deem it comedic therapy.


P.S Stephen Merchant is an absolute delight in this film, so if you are a fan…

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