The Little Things That People Do

Maybe it’s just me, but throughout my daily encounters, I’ve noticed that the smallest and seemingly insignificant things that people do make my day better. I can’t speak on behalf of anyone other than me, but these things give me a genuine smile for the rest of the day. There is a countless number of these littlest things but here are the 3 that are sticking out to me right now.


1. Shop assistants being friendly.

I know it’s part of their job to be polite, but the majority of the ones I come across don’t really knowledge my existence. So it’s refreshing when you get a friendly hello when you walk in to a shop. Or when you’re paying for your item and the shop assistant asks how your day has been or what you’re doing this weekend. People tell me that shop assistants don’t actually care about their customers lives and aren’t actually interested in what you’re saying, so maybe I’m naïve, but I’m an a dreamer and I like to believe that they do care a little bit. Maybe I’m just kidding myself but friendly shop assistants genuinely make my shopping experience better.


2. Those kind hearted people that go out of their way to help you.

Some days, I come across strangers that are just down right good people and it gives me faith in humanity. I don’t know why it makes me so happy, it can be the littlest thing but it brightens up my day. I had an encounter like this just a few days ago when little old me, an overwhelmed northerner, visits the big city that is London, all alone. It’s safe to say I am very inexperienced with the hectic London lifestyle. But I faced London Underground anyway.

So here’s the scenario: I’m all ready to get the tube from Bond Street to London circus. The tube is already there as I arrive at the platform, I try and impersonate these Londoners around me and rush to jump on the train a millisecond before it goes. So I leap on to the tube, and I’m feeling a little smug that I actually did it without embarrassingly missing the train or something… until I turn around to see my bag is stuck in between the doors. My worst nightmare. It was quite clear that I was struggling. I just could not get my hefty bag through those doors. Until, a man who appears to be superman opens the tube doors with his bare muscles and saves my bag (and me). He was my saviour. So that’s my latest encounter. It makes me happy that out of everyone on that train, there was at least one person who was capable of stepping out of their own life and their own problems for 2 seconds and help someone else.


3. When somebody compliments you.

It’s true, everybody feels satisfied when somebody says something nice about them. We all need a little bit of vanity in our lives. You know those little passing comments that your friends and family say, not really meaning much by it. Those are the compliments I mean, not the ones where people are trying to impress you. For example when you walk into the kitchen and your mum says ‘you look nice today’ and when your friend says ‘you have the best laugh’ or ‘you’re a good friend’. Those things are just nice to hear every now and then.


So either everyone is like this, or I’m just really easy to please. I don’t know, but I quite like the way just the smallest smile can make my day. Because life isn’t a movie, those kissing in the rain type of moments don’t tend to happen on an everyday basis. Life’s about the little things. Because little thing plus little thing plus little thing equals big things. So we don’t need some extraordinary event to change our lives – Be content with the little things in life.

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